MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – They were the hottest pandemic purchases: home fitness equipment. Bicycles, treadmills, rowing machines. So many Americans bought Peloton stationary bikes in 2020 that people wait months for theirs to be delivered.

“These home options are really good for adhering to an exercise program,” said Chris Lundstrom, Ph.D., director of the Masters program in Exercise and Exercise Science at the University of Minnesota.

The experts call it “networked” fitness – traditional training devices for the home, but which are connected to large video screens or online trainers.

“I think it stimulates the mind a little more, speeds up training, and keeps you motivated,” said Lundstrom.

The big screen can also come with a big price tag. Peloton’s sales doubled during the pandemic. Today the bike costs just under $ 1,900 plus $ 39 per month for the classes.

Peloton differs from many other devices in that it offers live courses and a competitive environment if you so choose. There are similar experiences at a much lower cost. MYX Fitness offers a similar stationary bike with an included screen with no live training for just $ 1,299 (often closer to $ 1,000). The courses cost $ 29 per month.

Both offer similar benefits, according to Lundstrom.

“You really do interact with your training. Maybe you will see your heart rate, your data, a course you are running or driving with changes in the topography, ”Lundstrom said.

Does a screen with an instructor motivate people to use the equipment more often and stick with it?

“That’s a good question. It seems likely, ”Lundstrom said, admitting that more research is needed.

There are other forms of related fitness if biking is not for you. Connected treadmills, like the most popular NordicTrak, with a 22-inch screen for $ 3,000.

Rowing is also popular. The Hydrow rudder system costs about $ 2,000. You can use your own tablet or phone on the Echelon Rower for around $ 1,000. Even with a screen, Echelon is cheaper at $ 1,640.

There are connected punching bags like Fight Camp Boxing for $ 1,219. And a full-length mirror that, for $ 1,500, turns into a giant screen with a teacher named Mirror.

Lundstrom said these high-tech home exercise machines produce results, but “anything you do works,” he noted.

Here are more details about the devices mentioned in this story:


Peloton bike
-Group live classes
$ 1895
$ 39 / month for classes

MYX Fitness
– I don’t need cycling shoes
-Heart rate monitor
$ 1299
$ 29 / month for classes


Nordic Track Commercial 2950
Bluetooth speakers, a 22-inch screen and fans are designed to simulate the feeling of running outdoors
$ 2999
Includes 1 year of lessons
$ 39 / month for classes


FightCamp Boxing
$ 1,219
$ 1349 for additional wraps and gloves
$ 39 / month for classes


$ 1995
$ 38 / month for classes

Echelon rowers
$ 1040 without a monitor
$ 1640 with a 22-inch HD screen
$ 38 / month classes


$ 1495
($ 100 and free shipping now)
$ 39 / month