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Maternal health and childcare are a very important aspect in our society, especially in Covid19 times. The solution lies largely in the early years of life, when the potential is immense.

Pulkit Khare

Pulkit KhareThe District Judge of Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh said: ‚ÄúNutrition should be on the main agenda in our country, especially when the world grapples with Covid19. In our district we had around 1 80,000 children and 2,300 children in the ‚ÄúSevere Acute Malnutrition‚ÄĚ (SAM) category. We contacted the families via telenutrition, where the identified children were admitted to the hospitals and further cared for. We have redesigned the NRC concept as some were reluctant to be admitted. Telenutrition was therefore a blessing in the times of Covid19 in coordination with the Anganwadi workers.

Swati S. Bhadauria

Swati S. BhadauriaIAS, District Magistrate, Chamoli, Uttarakhand, said: ‚ÄúWe have created an activity-based learning module, along with an emphasis on lunchtime meals for the children in different anganwadis. The Anganwadi workers have been trained to run smoothly. We have also invited private play schools where the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir teaching has been used. We have prepared a module for 36 months, with fixed modules for each month. We have also built mini solar systems for electricity, gas connections and uniforms for the children in Anganwadi called Bachpan. We had prepared uniform menus for the children to document their health. “

DR. Bhavna Sharma

DR. Bhavna SharmaThe head of the nutrition science department, ITC Ltd., explains: ‚ÄúThere is no future without healthy children. With almost a large number of children at risk of malnutrition in India, it is very important to focus on the health of both mother and child. As a pandemic, a massive blow has struck at lunch and dinner Anganwadi CentersWe are trying our best to solve the problems and march towards a healthier nation. The right policy, intervention, verification, products, the fiscal part, and the whole ecosystem play a massive role in mother and child development. As India is the second largest food producer, there is a lot to develop in the food sector in our country. “

DR. Shweta khandelwal

DR. Shweta khandelwalThe Head of Nutritional Research at the Public Health Foundation in India stated, ‚ÄúMaternal health and childcare are a very important aspect of our society, especially in Covid19 times. The solution lies largely in the early years of life, when the potential is immense. Eating the right diet at the right time will keep you from being malnourished. Acting now will have immense benefits like saving lives, maximizing economic productivity, reducing diet-related diseases like obesity, pcos, etc. and thereby improving productivity. Maternal education and financial independence are equally important to adequate health education improvement in the 21st century. “

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