(KMAland) – March is National Food Month and the Montgomery County Memorial Hospital is helping raise awareness about staying healthy with some healthy foods.

MCMH sheds light on healthy eating by making sure you include healthy foods from all food groups, hydrate healthily, learn how to read nutrition labels, and enjoy your food. This year’s theme of the month is personalizing your plate. MCMH registered nutritionist Emily Furst appeared on KMAs AM in the AM program and spoke about the subject.

“This is a great way for people to look at new recipes and healthy foods to include in their diet,” said Furst. “It’s a fun way we can share the news about recipes and different ways you can cook at home.”

Fürst also shared the importance of creating a weekly menu that matches your busy schedule and lifestyle, and includes healthy foods and new recipes. This is a great way to stay healthy and stress-free with meals already completed. Fürst also shared another reason this tip is beneficial.

“Really having this plan helps a lot with the budget, because then you have a plan to go to the grocery store on a set weekday,” said Fürst. “It’s nice now because so many local stores have the option to order online and drive through to get this groceries, which can save time and help set the plan.”

With any of these options of trying new recipes by cooking and planning your meals at home, it can lead to another great health option for the health of you and the environment.

“It’s so easy to throw these leftovers in the refrigerator and forget about them. Including these leftovers helps your budget and helps reduce waste, and that’s what we all want in the long run, ”said Fürst.

If you have any questions or have a personalized nutritional goal that you need help with, please contact a registered nutritionist by calling MCMH at 712-623-7000 after receiving a referral from your provider to deal with one Meet your MCMH nutritionist.

To hear the full interview with Emily Furst, click below.

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