Tara Dunker

Scott Koperski

Tara Dunker food for thought

Farming families know that planting and harvesting times can be stressful when you work against the clock and against mother nature.

Eating healthy during these times of the year is challenging for many reasons, including lack of time, the problem of eating in a field, and stress that leads to less healthy eating habits.

This year has proven to be even more challenging as the planting season begins while we are still dealing with a global pandemic. Getting your body fueled up properly is a great line of defense for dealing with the stress of it all.

Knowing this, my colleague and friend Hannah Guenther came up with the brilliant idea of ​​creating a free online program for farming families based on the wisdom she gathered on a feedlot in northeastern Nebraska (follow her on Instagram @feedlotsofpeople) .

While the personal and online assistance regarding nutrition seems almost limitless, the unique challenges facing the Ag community, including farmers and their families, have largely been overlooked.

Food in the Field Online aims to fill this gap.

Food in the Field Online is a free nutrition education program developed by Hannah and I designed to help farming families make better eating habits during their busiest times.

The program can be accessed at food.unl.edu/foodinthefieldwhere you can learn more and register.