MANILA, Philippines – Mosquitoes, cockroaches, bugs and ants are just some of the most common pests we encounter in our homes.

These pests, if not properly treated, can actually cause a myriad of potential health hazards.

Calling a pest controller can be a good option, but it can also cost you a lot of money as the service is only available for a short time.

If you’re not ready to open your wallet to pest control services, why not get rid of them the natural way?

Here are some common, natural home remedies for pest control:


Garlic can not only be used as a spice in cooking, but because of its strong scent it can also repel mosquitoes. Crush a pair of gloves, boil them in water for a while, pour the finished product into a container and spray all over the place.


While this plant contains “nepetalactone,” which attracts cats, it’s a different story for pests like bugs, mosquitoes, and ants.

Catnip combined with vinegar creates a powerful repellent. In a mason jar, crush at least two cups of catnip leaves, mix them with at least three cups of vinegar, and wait a week or two. After two weeks, transfer to a spray bottle and voilà – time to run away!

Essential oils

Everyone loves essential oils, but these little critters despise it.

  • Cockroaches: You can use either eucalyptus or tea tree oil. In a spray bottle, add ten drops of oil to every three ounces of water and spray all contaminated areas.
  • Spiders: Spearmint or Peppermint can be used to repel spiders. Also, find a spray bottle and add 12 ounces of water to every 15 drops of oil.
  • Fleas: Your fur babies shouldn’t be left unprotected either. To prevent fleas from attacking them, use one of these oils – lavender, lemongrass, or peppermint – add 12 ounces of water to every 15 drops of oil you prefer. Make sure you spray your pet’s fur once a week. To ensure protection, add two drops of your preferred oil to the shampoo when you bathe your pet.


These pests flying around the house can get really annoying. It gets harder the more you try to kill them because of their size. To get rid of flies, put basil on your doors or windows. If it still seeps into your home, you can take part of it and have it inside.

Another tiny insect that goes uninvited in our homes are ants. They may be small, but when a colony becomes your guest it can get stressful.

Civil engineer and YouTube content creator Slater Young introduced a budget-friendly and effective way to combat pests. To find a solution, you will need: water, sugar, and borax (detergent).

Find a bottle, add ¾ cup of sugar and add 250 ml of boiling water. Note that it has to be boiling water for the sugar to be sterilized and to last longer. After shaking the bottle, add another 250 ml of water, but this time lukewarm, and add a teaspoon of borax.

A small amount of mixture goes a long way. “It doesn’t kill the ants right away, but it does give them a chance to get the venom into their hives – so it kills the whole colony,” he said on his YouTube video.

Once the solution is ready, pour it into small plastic containers and place it in ant-infested parts of your home.

The next time you think about using pest control services, these options should be explored first. Remember, these pests can go away, but they will keep coming back so be resourceful with them.