Parents dream of giving their children a better life. To keep mothers up to date and prepared, the Chickasaw Nation Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program created the MomCircle mobile app to connect with other mothers online and share tips. MomCircle provides access to inspiring and informative content that supports parents.

“The MomCircle app was designed to be a convenient online resource for all mothers everywhere,” said Katrina Lewis, senior manager of the Chickasaw Nation WIC program. “This app is designed to celebrate mothers while providing vital nutrition education and encouragement.”

The app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

MomCircle offers a wealth of tips and advice on everything to do with child development, breastfeeding, sleeping, nutrition, and more, from pregnancy through to toddlerhood. MomCircle enables users to receive nutritional training and other relevant information from the comfort of their home or on the go via a mobile device.

MomCircle was created for mothers who want to be the best version of themselves for their children. Focusing not only on babies, but also on the mothers themselves, MomCircle shares solutions on how a mother can stay physically, mentally and spiritually fit to ensure she can be the best possible parent for her baby.

Many Chickasaw Nation WIC customers report transportation, childcare, and work schedule disputes barriers when attending WIC nutrition training courses. MomCircle bypasses these barriers and delivers the same uplifting emotional messages in a self-directed online and mobile format.

“We know life is so busy for families,” said Lewis. “MomCircle is a great tool because mothers can access it at home or on the go. The same great nutritional education and support that is offered at WIC is now available directly to all mothers. “

MomCircle includes a variety of resources, conveniently divided into categories: Solutions, More Reinvention and Encouragement (MORE), and Toolkit. The purpose of the Solutions section is to provide short, credible information and motivation to users.

MORE hosts the emotion-based nutritional education specially designed for the Chickasaw Nation WIC program. The toolkit conveniently stores a variety of resources for users, including the Chickasaw Nation WIC clinic phone numbers, the 24-hour nursing phone number, and the emergency poison number. It also contains links to useful WIC resources such as an online application, the Chickasaw Nation WIC website, Let’s Eat videos, and Trust video series.

MomCircle’s content is constantly evolving so that users can interact with the application and stay updated on nutrition facts and guidelines. The MomCircle app is available to everyone free of charge. WIC is excited to begin promoting the MomCircle app and reaching families everywhere with important nutritional education and encouragement.

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