“The launch of Motosumo in the US is our next step in shaking up the connected fitness cycling category and opening it up to anyone who wishes to participate,” said Kresten Juel Jensen, CEO and Co-Founder of Motosumo. “The cycling fitness category has a lot to offer to many people, and we want to make it as accessible as possible. We founded Motosumo and created a dynamic workout experience to open up the category to millions more who can benefit from a cycling workout anywhere – whether in the gym, home, dorm or office. “

“Motosumo has arrived. We invite everyone to get a great workout and begin a journey to a happier and healthier self,” said Juel Jensen.

In its early stages, Motosumo is already drawing rave reviews of 4.8 / 5, with members hailing it as the “best connected spinning app” in its class and others saying the experience as “the most fun they had in a spinning class “welcome. Ever. “Reviewers recommended Motosumo’s coaching, the mood-lifting experience, the accessible price tag, and the dynamic leaderboard.

“Our goal is to welcome you to an engaging experience that we’ve created as part of our mission to help our members feel happier and healthier,” said Motosumo Master Coach Brooke Emory. “At Motosumo, we’re about a complete fitness experience that includes mental health. Whatever your plans, we want to support you and give you an energy boost to help you achieve your goals and lift your spirits.”

Founded by a team (consisting of an engineer, two PhD students in biomedicine or astrophysics and a top athlete) who have worked together for years and tested various technologies and algorithms, Motosumo is the only service of its kind in the world that taps on the motion sensors in Smartphones to measure and report a range of key performance indicators, 100 percent independent of branded devices.

“My partners and I have worked for years to develop a service that can do more and measure more. Motosumo started with advanced, unique technology and we have put just as much energy into building the coaching experience, features and interactions that we believe will shape the category in the future, “said Juel Jensen.

In addition to the ratings, investors have also recognized the opportunity for Motosumo to revolutionize connected cycling fitness – the company completed a Series A investment round earlier this year to bolster its global reach.

“With real-time interaction with instructors and teammates, the Motosumo experience feels like a personal course, with the added fun of live leaderboards and interactive features like emojis and 3D racing,” said Juel Jensen. “We hope to see you soon for a course with us and look forward to your feedback.”

Motosumo is available in the Apple App and Google Play stores as well as Motosumo.com. For more information, visit Motosumo.com.

About Motosumo
Motosumo empowers its members to live happier, healthier lives with interactive, community-based, and instructor-driven cycling workouts they can enjoy anywhere. Motosumo was founded in 2015 by a. founded Denmark-based team (consisting of an engineer, two doctoral students in biomedicine or astrophysics and a top athlete). They developed the first and to date only app in the world that uses the integrated motion sensors in smartphones to generate live fitness metrics (such as cadence, distance and calories) on stationary bikes, 100 percent independent of branded devices. Used by gyms and cycling studios around the world, Motosumo built a fan base of hundreds of thousands of users before launching a platform for the home user in 2020. Thanks to Motosumo’s unique technology, members can now enjoy a fully interactive home fitness experience – with a global team of instructors and over 160 live classes a month – without the need for the latest bike or special equipment. To turn any bike into a premium workout experience and a path to a happier, healthier you to begin with, visit www.motosumo.com.

SOURCE Motosumo

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