Michelle Marescott appeared on My 600-Lb. Life because she wants to lose weight. In fact, she wants to lose it quickly, through weight loss surgery. Plus the woman on the last episode the reality television show, first had to lose 60 pounds alone. That was the goal she was given with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan from Houston.

Unfortunately, Marescott subsequently finds out that she did not quite achieve this goal. Dr. Now told her that she had to lose that amount of weight in two months. The rationale was that it would show that she was motivated to keep losing weight after the surgery. During the episode, Marescott finds out that she was on the verge of reaching the goal, but not close enough. After stepping on the scales, the My 600-lb. The Hopeful Life found she had lost 44 pounds.

“That’s a lot, but it’s still not enough,” she said to the camera after the weighing. “I know I’ve worked hard. So it is disappointing not to see any result now. And I don’t know what Dr. Now will say about where I am today. “

When Dr. Now entering the room he asked Marescott what happened. She replied that she wasn’t sure because she had worked pretty hard.

“Well, not exactly, you worked hard to lose 40 pounds, but not as hard as you should,” he replied. “Because if you had been on the diet you could easily have lost nearly 100 pounds. Did you go on the diet “

This week is My 600-lb. Life Star then admitted that she did not stick to the diet “every day”.

‘My 600-lb. The hopeful life admits a slip up

After the doctor looked further into it why she couldn’t lose weight he told her to lose, Marescott also admitted that every now and then she slipped and ate things to keep away from.

“Why are you lying to yourself about how hard you worked? And are you trying to lie to me? “Asked Dr. Nowzaradan.

The question eventually leads the woman to admit that she has to work harder. She also vowed that she would make the changes she needs to make.

She then agreed to try and lose another 40 pounds over the next two months. The doctor said he was convinced that if she could, she would be determined to lose weight.

Therapy involved

Marescott said earlier on the program that she has known for some time that she needs to change the way she lives. A few years ago she gained weight from an addiction to food. Eventually she came up to 592 pounds.

She admits that as she gained weight, she lost friends and family. She decided it was time to change something when her parents died. Now, since it appeared on My 600-lb. Living and agreeing to seek counseling, this change could really come.

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