The local beauty label Mystiq Living is based on the philosophy of offering nutrients rather than skin-tight cosmetic solutions and also offers a natural remedy for all of your skin and hair problems.

“Mystiq Living products nourish you from within and improve your inner beauty. And that glow is much better than the beauty created by artificial products, ”says Priyanka Girotra, co-founder of the brand who left her job in the IT industry to pursue her passion for beauty and natural wellbeing. We spoke to Girotra about the latest offers and important tips on summer care. Extracts:

Priyanka Girotra

Which products are popular with your customers?

Our therapy series products, aromatherapy blends made from herbal extracted essential oils, are the most popular among all age groups. The aroma of natural vegetable extracted oil offers therapeutic benefits in combating lifestyle issues such as stress, sleep, anxiety and dullness and healing from the inside out.

How do you control the quality of the ingredients?

We source ingredients from certified manufacturers and from companies that practice natural and organic farming. In addition, each ingredient is independently checked for purity and assessed in a certified laboratory.

Tell us how to take care of your skin at this time of year when winter goes by and spring comes?

You need to exfoliate your skin regularly, drink plenty of water, and use natural, high-ingredient products instead of harsh chemicals. Repair your nails, skin, and hair with natural oils like coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, and use natural mists to moisturize the skin. Dry wind and low humidity pull moisture away from the skin. Natural oils like almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are the best ways to keep your skin hydrated. You can also make your own skin care products using pure shea butter and essential oils.

Mystiq Living Aloe Vera Gel

What is the Essential Skin Care Routine That One Must Follow?

Most people follow cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. However, before starting a routine, the most important thing to know is your skin type. Nighttime skin care regimen is something that must be followed along with a sound sleep. At night, your skin changes from “protection” mode to “repair” mode. Removing makeup, washing, and moisturizing your face is the easiest skin care routine anyone can follow.

How to Take Care of Acne Prone Skin

There are so many factors that cause acne – hormones, diet, stress, and environmental damage. Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel are natural ingredients that are very effective for all types of acne. Focus on gentle products, avoiding hot water and harsh toners and detergents. Instead of chemical-based toners, use distilled rose or floral water.

Mystiq Living Black Onion Seed Oil

How can you control the condition of flakes during this time of year?

Removing dandruff isn’t that difficult. Use a sulfate-free shampoo followed by a gentle conditioner. Oiling is a must before washing your hair. To get rid of dandruff instantly, use essential oils like lavender or tea tree oil with coconut or olive oil for a scalp massage.

Is There a Simple Home Remedy for Acne-Prone Combination Skin?

Use turmeric, honey, and lemon juice for acne-prone and combination skin. You can also use homemade face packs with these ingredients.

Any combination of oils to stop hair loss?

Coconut, argan and castor oils have been shown to work against hair loss. They work on all hair types and are extremely moisturizing and moisturizing. They repair damaged hair and protect the hair follicles from pollution and sun damage.

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