Natalie Mordovtseva thrilled in her revenge body after her weight loss surgery that the 90-day fiancé star received after confirming her breakup with Mike.

Maybe it is 90 days fiance Star Natalie Mordovtseva’s breakup with Mike Youngquist leads her to flaunt her revenge weight loss to fans on Instagram. Baby rumors about Ukrainian actress Natalie had started with her looking different in her photos, but just when fans began to assume it might be plastic surgery, she realized it was a 20 pound weight gain acted. And similar to her 90-Day Fiancé: Fortunately, to the End? Natalie, co-star Angela Deem, resorted to “secret” surgery to get her dream body. After shocking the world with the news of joining the cast of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie now flaunts her lean new body while competing in a cover girl contest.

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Since the story of Mike and Natalie on the 90-day fiancé: Happily Ever After? is a script snooze festival, as many fans say, their online life has gotten a lot more attention. By revealing that 90 days fiancé Mike and Natalie broke upUncle Beau, who earned even more brownie points, said he was also single and hanging out with his mingling nephew. Meanwhile, Natalie, who allegedly settled in Seattle, was spotted vacationing in Tampa and New Orleans, and even met 90-day fiancés like Varya Malina after working with her fiancé Geoffrey Paschel and picking up dating rumors. But in the midst of all her gimmicks, Natalie also had some liposuction work done on her midsection and chin, maybe to get herself to stop using Photoshop that often.

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90 days engaged star Natalie has now revealed her new body after landing in Washington and refreshing old memories of her and Mike. After being devastated by fans for flying without masks in the pandemic, 90-day fiancée Natalie seems to have started A new adventure as she wowed her Instagram followers with a sleek new look. With the famous Snoqualmie Falls from Twin Peaks in the background, Natalie posed with a heavy, glittery filter in a floor-length red dress and wowed the fans. The 90-day fiancée asked her fans to vote for her in the Maxim contest as she hopes to get in the top five.

In the comments, Natalie’s backless dress got a lot of compliments from the 90-day fiancé, stating that it was “beautiful,” “perfect,” and how red is definitely her color. But some fans also seemed concerned about Natalie wandering all the way to the top of her dress. “Yeah, she looks like something from Twin Peaks,” joked one fan and another asked Natalie, “please stop.” But while Natalie shies away from answering questions about her seemingly single life thanks to contracts, nothing prevents fans from wanting to know that she is in Washington back with 90 days fiancé Mike.

The couple’s act on the 90-day fiancé: Happy to the end? is currently stuck in November 2020, and Natalie is celebrating her first Thanksgiving Day with Mike’s mother. The couple have already started feuding, and Mike cheated on Natalie again, according to new evidence that may or may not have resulted in their split. But while the finale is still weeks away, it seems so 90 days fiance Star Natalie is planning to entertain her fans and to revive her modeling career with lots of bizarre videos. Until then, fans can keep wondering if it was Mike with whom Natalie visited the Snoqualmie Falls again.

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