CLEARFIELD – LIFE-Northwestern Pennsylvania (LIFE-NWPA) has received approval to begin admitting seniors for home and community services for senior citizens resident in Clearfield County starting January 1.

LIFE-NWPA is part of the national program for all-inclusive care for the elderly. The goal of LIFE-NWPA is to help seniors stay safe, healthy and independent in their own homes and communities for as long as possible.

LIFE-NWPA currently serves the counties of Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Warren, Clarion, Venango, Forest, Elk and Jefferson. LIFE is one of the most comprehensive home and community health systems in the country. Seniors who would otherwise live in a qualified care facility are cared for from the comfort of their home with the support of the LIFE-NWPA team.

Marcie Campbell, Director of Marketing at LIFE-NWPA, said, “After completing a rigorous expansion review with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, LIFE-NWPA has been approved to add eligible Clearfield County seniors to our list of all Inclusive program from January 1st, 2021. “

The LIFE program is based on the belief that it is better for the well-being of seniors with chronic care needs and their families to serve in their homes and communities whenever possible. This type of all-inclusive care is offered by a team of health professionals with a preventive focus to ensure seniors age safely within their own four walls and can be an active part of their communities.

“It’s so exciting to be part of an all-inclusive approach to seniors where prevention is the goal. The LIFE team does not wait for a crisis, but works to prevent these crises such as illness, falls, emergency rooms and hospital stays. The provision of preventive care rather than reactive care really sets the LIFE program apart from other health options. “Said Campbell. “LIFE-NWPA offers the highest level of care that is lacking in other home care options.” Examples of these services include skilled care such as home care, wound care, emergency care and therapy as well as medication, medical care, home care, personal care, meals, transportation, a day center for socialization and caregiver support, etc. Campbell adds that the LIFE program “The vast majority of our subscribers are provided with these services absolutely free of charge. This means no premiums, co-payments, expenses or deductibles. The security that our seniors and their caregivers have from having to worry about financially access to quality care is just incredible. “

As the LIFE program nears its goal of opening services in Clearfield County, the close collaboration and support of the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) has been key in coordinating efforts to support eligible seniors. In fact, LIFE-NWPA has bought the AAA building that will house the LIFE-NWPA day center and clinic sometime in July. LIFE-NWPA looks forward to further cooperation with the AAA and other service providers in these areas with shared services.

To learn more about the LIFE program and what the Clearfield County LIFE Center has to offer, call toll free at 1-844-456-5433 or send an email [email protected].

To register for the LIFE program, please contact: LIFE-NWPA at 1-844-456-5433 (LIFE)