As the world tried to cope with the pandemic and stalemate last year, there have been many changes in various aspects of our lives that have become part of the new normal. And fitness trends have changed too. Fitness pro Nawaz Modi Singhania says, “With the changing form of fitness, especially with the COVID-19 lens, it has been more about making sure the cardiovascular system is strengthened, immunity is increased, and body weight is ideal an ideal height has been achieved and maintained so that there are no health complications and comorbidities that often go hand in hand. ”


The pandemic brought many reinventions of traditional fitness to the fore and equipment-free training became popular, Nawaz says. “All the equipment you might be used to was no longer available, making everyday household items a great replacement for fitness equipment. Water bottles replaced dumbbells, dupatta scarves (knotted) replaced thera or resistance bands, heavy books replaced kettle bells. Household furniture such as a table, a chair, a bed or a sofa replaced the fitness equipment. Children’s toys like a soccer ball or cricket ball became an essential exercise tool, a towel became a fabulous new piece of equipment, and so on, ”she says.

SUSTAINABLE FITNESS TAKES HEART Mallika Tarkas Parekh, a fitness professional who specializes in barre-based training, adds, “There is a significant step towards sustainable fitness over the earlier occasional fitness. While beach vacations and weddings haven’t completely gone away, in an environment where you can dress up and look good, getting in shape in time for big events is less rare. Additionally, a global pandemic has made us all feel the way we feel, physically and mentally. This year’s fitness options will focus on practices that customers can participate in inconsistently and engage in over many years. Aesthetics takes a back seat, while the feeling of being strong and mentally relaxed and empowered is paramount. Given that fitness isn’t about deadlines, low impact, high intensity routines that tone muscles, trim the waist, and promote overall functionality without bone and joint pain will be in greater demand. People are more likely to be patient with results in exchange for their overall musculoskeletal and mental health.


Offers such as calisthenics, mat pilates, power yoga, sculpt, partner workouts, chair workouts, kettlebell workouts, band / dupatta workouts, free strength training, yoga, pranayam, body weight training, functional fitness, yoga lates, gyro kinesis, book training, towel training and ball training are becoming increasingly popular. Nawaz adds, “The online group cardio workshop courses can include hi / lo fusion classes, cardio dance, boxing aerobics, and step [without a step], Zumba, New Body Format and more. These ensure a 50-minute cardio-respiratory fitness with all its advantages together with a muscle training component. Each individual case is taken into account – health, fitness, age, preferences and a bespoke routine that has been worked out accordingly. ”

People are opting for virtual fitness options with online personal trainers


Walking, jogging, using smaller outdoor exercise equipment such as resistance bands, balls, tubes, dumbbells, etc. are becoming increasingly popular, according to experts. If you run a certain number of laps on your own premises and / or use the building’s terrace for walks, an online fitness class, freehand exercises or yoga, this will also increase. Mallika adds, “While air pollution continues to be an issue, open-air arenas are still likely to be preferred to indoor spaces when people decide where to move.”


This will be key this year. “Against Covid-19, we are working to keep the cardiovascular system at optimal levels, maintain immunity, keep body weight and height in check, to ensure obesity and related health problems do not occur and to ensure Keeping Health Away From doctors, clinics and hospitals as much as possible for obvious reasons, will be the focus of any fitness program planning, ”explains Nawaz. She adds that this is associated with ideal nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. “If you focus heavily on mental fitness, keeping depression at bay with exercise, the awareness that exercise releases the hormones ‘happy’ or ‘feeling good’ will rightly be on trend.”