NordicTrack has redefined the treadmill with its iFit-enabled workouts That brings a virtual studio gym and outdoor adventure like a hike to the top of Kilimanjaro to your home gym. Not to overshadow CES 2021NordicTrack’s newest company will put its virtual iFit training into practice beyond its cardio roots Strength training. The company is new Vault Smart Mirror This feature allows you to lift weights and work out your muscles, as well as some of the best virtual trainers iFit has put together.

NordicTrack’s Vault is aptly named. The fitness mirror not only helps you with the right training, it also saves individual training accessories. The safe acts as a freestanding storage space where you can store kettlebells, weights, yoga blocks and more. In contrast to the Tonal and mirrorYou don’t need to attach it to a wall. The safe has an extra heavy base to keep it stable. It also comes with a seat belt and mounting hardware to secure it to the wall if you want that extra protection from tipping over.

The workout is provided by iFit trainers who lead a variety of series of workouts that you can follow. You can choose a stand-alone training session or follow an entire series that will take you from point A to point B in your fitness. If you choose to do a whole exercise program, each session builds on the last as you work on a specific area like your core muscles.

Similar to other mirrored fitness equipment, the key to Vault is the swiveling reflective mirror (24 “x 60”) and rotating 32 “smart HD touchscreen. With this combination of display and mirror you can observe your form while exercising with a trainer. You can get feedback by mimicking the trainer’s movements on the screen. It’s as close as possible to a personal trainer in the comfort of your home.

NordicTrack sells two versions of the the bunker. Vault: Complete is priced at $ 2,999 and comes with a handful of accessories, including an exercise mat, yoga blocks, resistance bands, 5 to 30 pound dumbbells, 20 and 30 pound kettlebells, and more. Nordictrack will also sell a cheaper standalone version that just contains the Vault unit, which you can then fill with your own training device. Both Vault models are available for pre-order now and are expected to ship in mid-February.

Similar to others connected home fitness equipmentthere is a subscription for it. IFit for one year (value 468 USD) is included with the purchase of the safe. After that, you can choose a specific subscription model that is right for you. The options consist of a family plan for $ 396 per year, a monthly plan for $ 39 per year, an annual individual plan for $ 180, or a monthly individual plan for $ 15 per year.

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