Diving letter:

  • Nordstrom and the smart home gym Tonal on Monday announced a partnership Starting this month, a 50 square meter demo concept will be included in the active women’s department of 40 Nordstrom stores in 20 states.

  • According to a press release, this includes 12 states in which Tonal does not yet have a store.

  • The merger is part of the department store’s efforts to meet current demand in the areas of activity and leisure. Nordstrom launched one in December active micrositewho have favourited workout instructions as well Fan shop.

Dive Insight:

Historically, Nordstrom was less of a “department store” than most and had little to offer besides clothing and shoes. This reflects its origins as a Seattle shoe store.

Responding to the demand for active apparel and gear by partnering with Tonal creates, in a way, a division not typically found at Nordstrom, with gear and technology alongside apparel. The rooms also allow trial training per release.

In a way, it’s a descent to Nordstrom. With clothes Sales growth is waningIn particular, in the more formal occasions and work categories that Nordstrom focused on, some analysts were already worried about his prospects. During the pandemic that only has exacerbated such trendsThe retailer is struggling to meet demand in areas outside of his wheelhouse, including his home.

In other ways, the Tonal deal matches Nordstrom’s open-minded approach to attracting new partners. The retailer has long invested in and partnered with With DTC Brands and other businesses outside of the usual department store channels.

The pandemic has also disrupted a growth plan centered on a merger From its physical and digital activities, as well as from full-line and off-price operations, efforts with the company have paid off Retailers among the recognized as well connected across channels. Executives recently doubled that strategy.