Buckeye State residents take the well-being of our children very seriously. However, a recent report suggests that this doesn’t always make us care about their health. In WalletHub’s ranking of the best and worst states for child health care in 2021, Ohio was among the worst – 44th in the nation.

As the rankings continued to collapse, Ohio was ranked 39th in terms of child health and access to health care. a not too bad 17th place in children’s oral health; and an appalling 46th place for diet, physical activity and childhood obesity. If you examine this category more closely, the state ranks 47th for the number of overweight children.

The study’s authors noted some positive aspects, such as the very high percentage of those under 18 years of age insured, but even there, the number of insured persons did not result in lower parental health care costs.

Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our state’s economy, it is likely that financial problems have a lot to do with the study’s worrying results. But that doesn’t mean throwing money on the problem will help. There is certainly a federal effort in which massive expenditures for health care and childcare have flowed into an infrastructure bill. That’s not where it belongs.

We can do a better job here at home by providing education and resources for parents as families try to be more active, eat better, and make other healthy choices.

Ohio can’t afford to wait for the federal government to get their ducks in a row. Our children are too important and we know we can do better.

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