For those who can’t tolerate much more than zero grams, there are now lactose-free alternatives. I am lactose intolerant but can handle small amounts. I used a natural organic whole milk kefir for my morning muesli (mostly high-fiber whole grain muesli with fresh fruits) – either normal or lactose-free. Kefir could be thought of as pourable yogurt; It is made using cultivation organisms similar to those found in yogurt.

There are also dairy-free options to get around the lactose problem completely. Finally, there is the option of taking a lactase supplement with a meal to help support the lactose stragglers.

Dear Doctor. Blonz: I understand that weight training is good for your bones. My mother recently recovered from a stroke and can no longer walk. She does exercise every day, but not aerobic exercise – it is arm or leg exercises that are performed while seated with light weights attached to her ankle or wrist. We also use stretch bands to train your muscles. Are these the same weight exercises? – WL, Detroit

Dear WL: Congratulations on your mother’s progress, and kudos for your help. I trust that she will take it slow.

Strength training with weights is, in fact, considered weight-loaded exercise. Given their condition, these activities sound reasonable and may be your best option. Most other weight-bearing exercises are movements, such as walking or jogging, in which the body weight is repeatedly applied and then removed from the long bones of the legs.