OneFitPlus is India’s largest connected fitness company

Launches India’s first multiplayer gaming platform with serious workouts through its Fitwarz app

Fitwarz’s full-featured features include: multiplayer mode, Fitboard, emoji chat, improved graphics and user interface

Starts digital marketing campaign with brand ambassadors Kiara Advani & Sidharth Malhotra

Hyderabad, September 7th, 2021: OneFitPlus from Hyderabad, India’s largest fit tech company, has launched India’s first multiplayer fitness gaming version in the Fitwarz app. The connected game can be played on your treadmill and spinning wheel from RPM Fitness and Fitkit. The platform motivates users to exercise by providing a competitive, real-time multiplayer experience and engaging them through its gamified approach.

Fitwarz combines the fun of multiplayer video games with the intensity of serious workout, helping users achieve their fitness goals. Customers can run and bike with thousands of other drivers, or invite their Kashmiri friends to Kerala to ride and race at Fitwarz. You can take part in group rides and races, or just join the world and jump up with other drivers if you want. The races take place every 30 minutes from 4 a.m. to midnight.


  • Play live with other users in multiplayer mode.
  • Enjoy 7 different tracks with fascinating views.
  • Let the FitBoard ranking motivate you. The better you train, the higher your rank.
  • Connect with other users using emojis and stickers.
  • Share your workout with friends and family

The new features allow users to stay connected while exercising with live emoji chat and follow each other’s performance with the FitBoard. FitBoard shows user profiles and training statistics in real time, creating a community environment in which members can compete against each other and motivate one another. For athletes, the app offers a new short-track function that gives treadmill users a complete track experience.

The company, which recently signed Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra as brand ambassadors, has also launched a digital marketing campaign. As part of that campaign, the company ran an ad that featured both Kiara and Sidharth. Here is the link to the ad –


Amit Mathur, Co-Founder and VP Technology, OneFitPlus, says, “We are very excited to bring India’s first networked multiplayer fitness game to market. The goal is to provide users with an immersive experience where they can enjoy their movement like a sport. Fitwarz supports thousands of users playing at the same time and is available for both iOS and Android. All you have to do is pair the app with one of our smart cardio devices via Bluetooth. We hope that our users enjoy the multiplayer experience and plan to introduce more such features that will enable them to network and connect with other users on the platform. “

The OneFitplus app has over 85,000 downloads. The OneFitPlus ecosystem with its health apps offers a focus on fitness, nutrition and wellness. Their smart cardio equipment, live studio courses and the Fitwarz gaming app ensure spirited training sessions. With each training, users also collect HealthCoins as part of the rewards program; which can be redeemed for available offers. To top it off, OneFitPlus is the only company in its category to offer a free home installation service for 27,000 PIN codes in India.

According to a report by Grand View Research, the connected fitness market is estimated at $ 5.96 billion worldwide by 2025, with a CAGR of 31.2% over the forecast period. According to a KPMG report, the online gaming segment in India was valued at 136 billion yen in FY21 and is expected to grow 21% CAGR over FY21-FY25 to reach 290 billion yen in size. In terms of total size, the online casual gaming sub-segment accounts for more than 40 percent of total online gaming sales. Fitness gaming is a new segment.