Online ordering is possible with an eye doctor’s prescription. It’s quick and easy to order glasses online. Many stores also accept HSA and FSA funds from flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts to help reduce the cost.

Buying Prescription Glasses on the Internet

Online cheap glasses should be bought from an optician’s website. There you can pick from frames, lens options and accessories like digital light protection and scratch resistant coating and blue light blocking. Before you decide on your final choice, an optician will review the options available to ensure you’ve picked the perfect pair.

You can also shop for glasses at an optician’s office but it’s more expensive than purchasing glasses online. In-house brands like EyeBuyDirect and Zenni Optical are great options for those on a strict budget. Their prices are much more reasonable than at other online retailers and they have a variety of frames to pick from, including low-bridge styles that are often less expensive than designer brands.

How to Select the Best Lens for You

A key part of your prescription is the initial number, the sphere which explains the correction you require to correct your vision. The number is usually abbreviated SPH, also known as minus sign (-) for nearsightedness, and plus sign (+) for farsightedness. The more power you require to fix your sight the further from the zero on either side (minus or plus).

PD (Pupillary Distance

If your eyes are too close together, you could have “pupillary distance” (or “PD”) issues and you should make certain to have this measurement in your prescription. This measurement is important because it aligns the center of the lenses with the center of your pupil for optimal vision. You can ask your doctor to take a reading, or use an instrument to measure it. However, it’s more likely that you’ll require an appointment with an optician who is experienced in measuring PD.

Online Store for prescription glasses

The top online stores for prescription glasses offer high-quality frames in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They also offer a broad variety of options, from single vision progressives and no-line models to non-prescription readers and lenses that have different coatings and tints. For a more personal shopping experience, some even offer a kit to try on at home.

When you’re ready for your purchase, make sure to check the return policy as well as warranty information carefully. Some online retailers only provide credit for a different pair of glasses of the exact same brand. Some will offer an all-inclusive refund.

Buying Prescription Glasses for Kids

It is crucial to ensure that the glasses you select for your children match their preferences and requirements. The frames should be comfortable and strong, and should be able to comfortably fit without being too big or too small.

Once you’ve chosen the right frames for your kids make sure you shop for adult prescription glasses as well. It’s easy to find glasses that are the ideal fit for you and your entire family. The best way to achieve this is to shop online at a reputable retailer like Target Optical and enter your prescription details through a simple upload process.