Optus has partnered with Olympic and Paralympic athletes Ian Thorpe, Nic Beveridge, Ellie Cole and Madison de Rozario for their bespoke home fitness workouts.

“OS Fitness” includes daily content from professional trainers, instructors and athletes that can be viewed on a phone, tablet or smart TV. The workouts are included in most Optus customer plans, but it is believed that most are unaware of the benefit of the Optus Sports app.

The workouts include various training routines in the areas of yoga, strength, core, dance and cardio.

Optus is obviously very confident about OS Fitness and the benefits it can offer, as the company is giving away ten free workouts without logging into the app. If you’re already at Optus, you can use the Optus Sport app and log in.

Non-Optus customers can get access to soccer and fitness content for $ 14.99 per month.

Inspirational Olympians

Earlier this month, Samsung announced a partnership with Optus with scientifically engineered audio tracks that improve athlete performance.

Extensive interviews were conducted with Optus ambassadors with swimmer Mack Horton, skateboarder Poppy Starr Olsen and soccer player Steph Catley, which enabled a better understanding of their motivations and personal musical tastes.

Samsung worked with some of the biggest names in the Australian music industry like Sheppard, Alex the Astronaut, Ian Kenny from Karnivool, and San Cisco lead singer Jordi Davieson to create custom tracks to help athletes create focus and intensity .

You can Check out the tracks on the Samsung Spotify channel here.

“At Optus, we believe that great things can happen when you have the commitment and optimism to say yes,” Mel Hopkins, Head of Marketing, Optus told 7NEWS.com.au.

“Together with our valued partner Samsung, we have developed an innovative and creative path that shows our support for Australian athletes in Tokyo and inspires their accomplishments, while also being part of our broader strategy to become Australia’s most popular everyday brand.”

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