March 17, 2021 Updated: March 17, 2021 1:32 p.m.

Letsfit Resistance Loop exercise bandsBetween $ 4.95 and $ 7.95 on Amazon


For many people, the COVID-19 pandemic ended an integral part of their daily routine: the gym. As a result, Home fitness equipment flew off the virtual shelves as people worked to adjust to their new normal. Such an item was weighted Resistance bandsThis can provide solid strength training that is relatively easy to do on your own for most people.

Weighted resistance bands are ideal home fitness for a number of reasons. For starters, they’re compact and easy to stow away in a closet when you don’t want them to take up a lot of space like heavy weights could. On the other hand, they are pretty cheap. Eventually, they’ll stretch and wear out, or possibly tear, so you won’t feel bad about needing to replace them when you have to. They’re also easy to carry around if you want to pack them up for a work trip or a post-pandemic vacation.

Letsfit Resistance Loop exercise bands with operating instructions and carrying bag –

6.95Shopping now

These Letsfit Resistance Loop exercise bands are $ 6.95 (although there is a $ 2 coupon on the side that drops that price down to $ 4.95) for a set of five.

The pack is available in a variety of colors and resistance levels, including X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy. They can be used for a variety of workouts, from strength training to yoga and Pilates to training muscles including the abdomen and buttocks, and groups in the arms and legs. These bands come with an instruction manual if you need training guidance. Efficient training: Loop resistance bands increase the effectiveness of your exercises. They have over 77,000 reviews on Amazon, along with 4.5 stars.

Additionally, in addition to being convenient and affordable for daily exercise, these bands can also be used for rehab exercise when you are over an exercise-related injury. Whether you’re looking to equip a home gym or just looking for a simple routine to replace your old normal, these resistance bands are a purchase you probably won’t regret.