MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – () –PointClickCare Technologies, the leading provider of cloud-based health software for the long-term and post-acute care market, today announced its partnership with CellTrak, a trusted point-of-care data collector, to simplify electronic visit verification (EVV) compliance for home health Care provider. PointClickCares Care at Home Clinical Solution is integrated with CellTrak’s EVVLink and supports vendors’ compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act mandate by collecting point of care visit information that matches country-specific data requirements. While states can implement open or closed EVV models, more than 75 percent of states have already selected open EVV. Providers in all open states can implement CellTrak’s EVV-compliant solution to optimize maintenance, connectivity and ensure compliance. The EVVLink solution offers PointClickCare customers an interface engine that is integrated almost in real time into the state and / or paying EVV data aggregators.

“Now home health authorities can use one integrated solution for all services and for both mandatory and non-mandatory visits, eliminating the need to manage different workflows and making it easier for caregivers to document service at the point of care,” said he Mark Tomzak, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Home Health Care, PointClickCare. “Every state and every payer has unique data requirements. With this partnership, even providers operating in multiple states and making claims against multiple payers can quickly and easily get the right data in the right format to the right payer. ”

EVV data is integrated in Care at Home Clinical and is synchronized with other patient data. CellTrak seamlessly identifies the records that contain incorrect information, such as: B. Invalid Medicaid IDs so errors can be corrected before visit data is forwarded. This minimizes denials of damage and supports faster payments.

The addition of EVV with the assistance of CellTrak provides PointClickCare home health customers with a comprehensive, full-service, all-feature solution that helps optimize compliance with country-specific testing, certification, and reimbursement requirements. In addition, care teams can provide daily care more quickly and easily and stay connected to the entire team at all times. This is becoming more important than ever for home care providers so that they not only know where the staff are from a safety perspective, but can also see changes in the condition of patients in real time.

“We are excited to partner with PointClickCare to help their home health care providers save time and make EVV compliance easier,” said Andrew Kaboff, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of CellTrak. “Our shared commitment to providing first-class care for our seniors makes this partnership a natural addition.”

look at that Recording of webinars Learn more about this partnership and how PointClickCare is working with CellTrak to make EVV compliance easier.

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