After all, I enjoyed my film thanks to my techno-savvy “digital native” daughter. She returned to the basement to video chat with her friends.

Technology has made life easier in many ways. We have more information at hand than ever before. During the pandemic, we can see each other through Zoom, FaceTime or some other technology even though we are not in the same room.

We can also vacuum our living room without lifting a finger with a robotic vacuum cleaner. We can push a button to lock and unlock our doors if we have the right apps and devices.

Who would have thought the Jetson animated series predictions would come true?

As we enjoy our technology, we may also be bombarded with advertisements. Advertisements may appear while scrolling through an online magazine or newspaper. We could check in with our friends on social media like Facebook (for those of us in the older generation, according to my kids).

As you browse the Internet, you may be attracted by a “click bait” that will lead you to an advertisement. By some estimates, we are exposed to at least 6,000 ads of various forms every day.

March is National Nutrition Month and also the beginning of the spring season. This has prompted many weight loss advertisements. People take off their sweaters and store their parkas. They may find that they couldn’t fit into their spring wardrobe because of the pandemic.