All the fitness enthusiasts in the house will agree – exercise is simply never enough to get the results you want! Knowing what to eat is just as important as having the right exercise program and perfected exercises.

Good nutrition can help improve your performance, help your body recover faster, and minimize muscle damage after each workout. However, what many people overlook and overlook is the fact that getting your body supplied with the right nutrients before exercising is also important! This provides the energy and strength you need to push yourself harder and perform better.

Essential macronutrients

Each macronutrient has a specific role to play before a workout, and its intake will vary for each individual based on BMI, routine, etc. Here are some you need to know:

1. Carbohydrates. Your muscles and liver process and use glucose as glycogen from carbohydrates to fuel their energy. In short and high-intensity training routines, this is the main source of energy that can be used up quickly and your performance deteriorates. For this reason, carbohydrate intake before exercise is important.

2. egg white. Numerous studies show that adequate protein intake before training significantly increases performance. It increases muscle protein synthesis, which stimulates muscle growth, improves muscle recovery, and increases strength and lean body mass.

3. Fats. While glycogen is the source of energy for high-intensity workouts, fats in the form of lipids are used in longer and moderate to low workouts. Therefore, taking healthy, light lipids before a workout will increase your stamina and help you get results more efficiently!

What to eat and when

To maximize results, timing is really key. Experts recommend eating a full, balanced meal 2-3 hours before training. In most cases, however, we don’t have this time. For meals closer to your workout, choose no less than 45 minutes, simpler carbohydrates and proteins that are easy to digest to avoid stomach discomfort during your workout. Here are some great pre-workout meal options:

When your workout starts in 2-3 hours

– Sandwich on whole grain bread, lean protein, lettuce

– Whole grain cereals and milk

– Oatmeal with banana and almonds

– protein smoothie

When your workout starts in less than an hour

– Fruit and Greek yogurt

– Fruit salad with apple, banana, orange

– Protein nutrition bar with rich nut and fiber

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