The drive to increase milk fat and protein yields towards a combined goal of 1,000 kg is fueling a new dairy industry initiative led by Premier Nutrition.

The 1000kg Club helps its farmers build knowledge, share experiences and compare their progress with the long term goal of enabling farms to profitably supply any UK milk contract.

“It is an ambitious goal and only exceptionally healthy and well-kept animals can achieve these high levels of production,” says Dr. Andrew Pine, Premier Nutrition Ruminant Director.

“Animal welfare and nutrition are the focus. Club members and their advisors want to refine all areas of herd management and use our Transition Management System (TMS) as a barometer for improvement. The advisors will also be able to help other farmers by drawing on what they have learned. ”

At a virtual introductory event for the new initiative, Dr. Mike Hutjens, specialist in milk expansion at the University of Illinois, details about the top herd in Illinois using an average of 1,171 pounds of fat and protein combined.

“The herd has high genetic value, excellent cow comfort, and good staff who follow practical workflows and a specific and balanced diet,” he said. “While the cows work very hard, fertility remains excellent.”

Dr. Hutjens calculated that every 0.1 increase in feed efficiency can save around 30 pence per day, assuming 32 kg of milk produced and 19 pence per kg of dry matter.

Within the group, the farmers aim to achieve a herd average of 1000 kg of combined fat and protein in 305 days. Currently, the top 25% of UK herds use an average of 794 kg of components with a total milk yield of more than 11,000 kg.

The next planned 1000kg club meeting is at the end of June.