Puffy eyes can be the result of many things. In fact, many people often experience mild swelling in the morning that usually subsides after washing their face with cold water. But if puffiness is still visible under the eyes, here are some simple things that can help, courtesy of nutritionist Pooja Makhija.

In an Instagram video Makhija shared some nutritional hacks that may help.

* It’s important to have two to three liters of water so your brain knows it doesn’t need to store water.

* Eat foods rich in water and vegetables to help strengthen the body Hydration Levels.

* Reduce diuretics like tea and coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol as they increase swelling.

* Add parsley to your diet as this tells your kidneys to filter the waste or toxins out of your body. It can be consumed in the form of salads or soups to not only add flavor, but also to take out excess fluids.

But is there a remedy that has the maximum benefit?

“Combine all of these together into a magical vegetable juice,” said Makhija.

Have fresh parsley ready. (Source: Getty Images / Thinkstock)


1 – cucumber, medium
1-2 stalks – celery
1 – tomato, medium
Small bunch – parsley
Lime juice


Wash the vegetables.
Cut and mix them together.
Enjoy the juice without delay.

However, if you have persistent puffy eyes, pain, irritation, or severity swelling In or around your eye it is better to consult a doctor.

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