The next thing

During this process, I told many that this part of the journey would come to an end after the surgery was completed. And it has. I don’t want to lose weight anymore like I did before, and now the focus will shift again.

Well, first and foremost is my never-ending quest to fill a wardrobe with clothes to match. Of my heaviest, I still have 54-inch pants tucked away in my closet just as a friendly reminder of how things used to be.

The garment has taken on different variations, from mostly 4x and 5x shirts to now large, as even extra large ones now seem too large. I found out the hard way on my first day after surgery that I no longer have any pants that fit either, as about two inches have come off my waist.

I will leave this statement there without much picture. But I think you get the picture

All the good problems to be had and none that I ever really thought I’d have to overcome. But I will definitely take it.

Medically everything is fine. My blood count is perfect and I have no doubt that this whole undertaking has added years to my life, God willing.

As soon as I get back to the gym, it will be time to work out that 49 year old body and build muscle. Later that summer I have my sights set on a rugged maniac on Wilmot Mountain. A group of my fellow exercise rats from Body by Design in Muskego and I are about to tackle this course and I can’t wait.