Excessive white discharge can lead to weakness and infection. It is therefore important to have him treated. If the color of the discharge is off-white, rusty, green, yellow, or brown, it can be a serious problem. Thick white discharge with vaginal itching may be due to a yeast infection.

Other causes of white discharge include not keeping the vaginal area clean, being overly anxious, and having multiple nutrient deficiencies.

Symptoms of white discharge include dizziness, tiredness, itching, weakness, odor of private parts, headache, and constipation.

If the discharge is too high, then you need to consult a doctor. However, here are some home remedies that can solve the mild discharge problem.

Many women experience vaginal secretion which is good as it cleanses the bacteria and fungal growth in the vagina. Even during sexual intercourse, lubrication is only possible due to the slippery surface with white discharge.