Home Gym – How JaxJox Is Driving Smart Home Fitness

The era of living room training is just around the corner. Peloton started by introducing connected bikes into households and popularizing the spin as the ultimate online group welding session. And since then, things have warmed up even more. There are now a variety of connected rowers out there, and Peloton’s Tread has brought connected running experiences to your living room too. Suddenly the living room is no longer just for relaxing. It’s making you sweat at your favorite fitness fix.

Stephen Owusu, CEO of JaxJox, wants to take this to the next level. You can do more than sweat in your living room. You can also develop strength and muscles. And this could be the next step in home training. For decades people have been sweating in their homes, be it at Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda or at Tony Horton’s P90X or at workouts on The Mirror. But hardcore strength training programs that build the muscle you need have long felt inaccessible outside of the gym. Large weights are intimidating in ways that Peloton and other equipment don’t.

These weights will help you build the muscle and body control you need for a long life. As you get older and don’t build muscle or work on building muscle, your body has a tendency to lose them. And without that muscle, you’ll end up struggling with balance and even basic actions like getting off the floor unaided. Owusus JaxJox InteractiveStudio, a mix of 43-inch HD screen, adjustable kettlebell and adjustable dumbbells, is designed to counteract this and change your attitude towards your living room. Owusu’s journey to InteractiveStudio began 15 years ago, and he was inspired by several key technical moments in recent fitness history.

Home Gym – How JaxJox Is Driving Smart Home Fitness]

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