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Periods are very painful for some girls, while irregular periods are a common problem for most women. Many factors can cause this problem, such as eating disorders, weight loss or gain, anemia, menopause, liver disease, miscarriages, etc. Lifestyle triggers such as vigorous exercise, caffeine, smoking, stress, and certain medications can also contribute to this problem. There are few home remedies for irregular periods and here we look at them.

* Consuming unripe papaya juice may be essential except during your period. Green unripe papaya is useful for regulating menstrual flow as it contracts the muscle fibers in the uterus.

* Turmeric powder is believed to be the best way to control irregular periods. Take turmeric with milk and add honey or jaggery to it. Consume it daily for several weeks or until you get better results.

* Yoga and all kinds of exercises are very helpful for women with irregular periods. Stress is the main cause of irregular periods, and yoga and exercise can help you manage stress.

* Aloe Vera naturally helps with irregular menstruation by regulating your hormones. Extract the fresh aloe vera gel from the leaf and mix well with honey and consume before breakfast.

* Ginger is considered to be the best means to regulate the menstrual cycle and therefore boil ginger in water for 10 minutes and add little sugar and take this mixture three times a day after eating.

* Cumin seeds are loaded with many health benefits. Soaked cumin seeds are very helpful for irregular periods. Soak cumin seeds in water overnight and drink both in the morning. Do this regularly for better results.

These were some home remedies for irregular periods.

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