Sara Ali Khan

From Puja Gupta

New Delhi – Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan reveals that she is a huge fan of home remedies for all of her beauty needs.

She says: “I’m a big fan of ‘ghar ke nuske’ (home remedies). Cream and honey are my favorite scrubs, I’ve also used fruit on my face. “

Sara shares her beauty regimen and says, “The most important thing about my beauty regimen is getting 8 hours of sleep, waking up, washing my face and exercising, it’s extremely important to me.”

Sara, hired as the brand ambassador for, an e-beauty destination, defines beauty as “just being you”.

She says, “It doesn’t necessarily mean too much makeup or too little makeup. It means relying on your own skin and doing and putting on exactly what you want. You are beauty. “

When asked about a beauty tip for young girls, Sara advises: “Do what makes you happy because I think happy girls look the most beautiful.”

The ‘Kedarnath’ actress was also featured on a TVC published under’s new #GoPurplle campaign.

Says Sara of her association with the brand, “When the Purplle brand first approached me, I was very excited to join them because I think their ethos is ‘beauty for everyone’ and they try to find beauty for to make accessible to those who strive for it the most. I think this is how it should be, instead of making beauty products an inaccessible luxury, they should be something that every girl in our country can go for. I really believe in that and this kind of democratization of beauty products is why I am proud to support Purplle. “(IANS)