The attached fitness display from MIRROR is currently priced at $ 250. Thanks to the Valentine’s Day discount, delivery and installation are free. It is very much and is only available today through EOD.

For those who didn’t know, MIRROR is the hottest name in home fitness right now. It was recently purchased by Lululemon for $ 500 million. The massive screen can be hung on the wall or leaned against it with a stand. As anyone who’s bent over to exercise over a phone or laptop during the pandemic (or tried to hook one up to the TV) can testify, having a clear, giant screen at eye level is a game changer. Meanwhile, the Spiegel app includes just about every fitness class you can imagine – from boxing to Latin dancing – and catalogs your biometric data to keep track of progress.

head Here To learn more about The Mirror and if you are struggling to make a decision, we recommend that you buy it now. In a moment, it’s back to the full $ 1,745. Use code VDAY21 at checkout.

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