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Losing weight is a very common New Years resolution – and yet one of the hardest to hold. Even if you are committed, you will find the time to exercise and cook healthy meals every day can be exhausting especially in quarantine. While weight loss is not an easy task, WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) is currently offering several great deals on your Checked-approved Programs to help you get in top shape this year.

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Until the end of today January 25thyou can go to the website to save on one-, three-, and six-month weight loss plans.

Customers can choose from one of the WWs three online programs::

1) Digital:: This plan enables customers to have a self-directed experience by placing a heavy emphasis on using the WW app for food tracking, goal planning, community support, recipes, and on-demand workouts. While it typically costs $ 20.95 for a single month plus a $ 20 starter fee, it’s currently free for 30 days so you only pay the starter fee plus tax. The three-month plan typically costs $ 20.95 per month plus an entry fee of $ 27.15. However, the promotion only pays you $ 13.80 per month (the fee is deducted from your savings). If you’d like to try the Digital plan for six months, pay just $ 14.57 per month, negating the normal $ 20 entry fee.

2) Digital 360:: In addition to the app features included in the digital plan, this program provides more support and accountability with 24/7 access to WW trainers via on-demand videos, events and podcasts in the app. Typically starting at $ 29.95 per month plus a $ 20 startup fee, instead paying a total of $ 24.97 for a one-month plan. If you’re looking for a long-term commitment, you can opt for the three-month plan entry fee of $ 18.30 per month with no entry fee, while the six-month plan, which also waives the entry fee, is $ 19.97 per year Month.

3) Unlimited workshops and digital plan:: Last but not least is that unlimited workshops and digital planThis includes virtual workshops with an experienced WW coach of your choice, all of whom are trained to help you lose weight. You can also participate in an unlimited number of workshops at any time that also participate in WW. It usually costs $ 44.95 per month with an entry fee of $ 20, which equates to $ 65.95. Currently, however, the one-month price for both is $ 32.47, while for the three-month program, which is typically also $ 44.95 plus an initial fee of $ 20, you only pay a reduced monthly fee of $ 25.80. You can also purchase the six-month plan for $ 28.97 per month with no entry fee.

In the WW app you can track everything you eat and drink, as well as your training.

Rachel Moskowitz, Audience Development Manager at Reviewed, tested WW’s digital blueprint and fell in love with it. After sticking with it for a year, she was able to lose more than 30 pounds! Rachel found that her program of choice was easy to overcome because it gave her a better idea of ​​what she was putting into her body every day. As a result, she started consuming more fruits and vegetables and found that this contributed to the “transformation” [her] Lifestyle and mentality towards food. “

If you’re looking for a more practical program, you can also check out one of WW’s other two plans: Digital 360, which has a ton of fun interactive features in the app, or Unlimited Workshops + Digital, which is best for those who do a lot Seek accountability. Just note that depending on the length of time you choose on your plan, if you cancel before the end and have to cancel before the end, you will be charged $ 39.95 to avoid paying the regular full monthly fees be calculated.

WW can help you meet your 2021 goals.

Whichever plan you choose, you will want to move asap because this incredible action will be gone by the end of today!

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