On the February 3rd episode of My 600 pound lifethe audience was introduced Kenae Dolphus, a 41-year-old woman from Nacogdoches, Texas, weighing 614 pounds.

After Kenae admitted she had problems with childhood foods and stated that she had never really grieved her mother’s death, she traveled over two hours to Houston to meet Dr. Younan Nowzaradan hoping to regain control of their lives.

“I have a constant need. It is this drive in me that I cannot control, but I know that it has taken over my life so far that I can barely move. Even when I’m full, I don’t want to stop because I want the joy that food gives me, ”Kenae shared on the show.

My 600 pound Kenae Dolphus is eating a corn dog

After revelations about her infertility struggles and feelings of guilt for shaming her family and husband, Rodney DolphusKenae bumped into Dr. Now after calling her about lack of progress after their first meeting.

Fortunately, after her brief spit and a visit to therapy, Kenae was back on track and her passion for losing weight and gaining the ability to go to her mother’s grave was revived.

Kenae Dolphus is talking to my 600 pound life cameras

“You cannot be overweight and happy because your weight is decreasing in your life and the people around you,” said Kenae. “To live, I have to lose weight.”

My 600 pound Kenae Dolphus is getting help out of bed

At the end of the seventh month, Kenae weighed 517 pounds – after losing 98 pounds alone. However, she has not yet qualified for an operation because her heart was weak.

By the end of the episode, after documenting her weight loss journey for 12 months, Kenae had lost a staggering 133 pounds herself, weighing 482 pounds. She revealed that she is “in her 400s” for the first time in “decades”.

Despite her incredible progress, Kenae could not be cleared for surgery because of her heart problems. However, she vowed not to give up or slow down as she remained committed to her goal of doing gastric bypass weight loss surgery. She also remained hopeful that one day she would be approved and, in the meantime, enjoy her life.

“I’m not giving up and I’m still losing,” she said at the end of the episode.

While it is unknown how much Kenae weighs today, she has shared a number of new photos of herself on Facebook in the past few months. In the photo below, Kenae is wearing a small top, possibly to demonstrate her weight loss.

My 600 Pound Life Kenae Weight Loss Update Photos

In addition to the pictures Kenae shared of herself, she has also posted pictures of her family, including the children of the nieces and nephews she was seen with on the TLC series.

My 600 pound life Kenae Dolphus October 2020

In Kena’s latest social media image, shared in December 2020, she was seen next to a female family member at her husband Rodney’s church.

My 600 Pound Life Kenae Photo Update

My sixth 600 pound life season airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.