The boxing fitness system Fight Camp.

Combat camp

Networked fitness startup Combat camp especially for the increasingly competitive smart fitness battles. The startup raised a massive $ 90 million by battling luminaries like heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson, undefeated light middleweight boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., legendary UFC champion Georges St-Pierre and current UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou .

I’ve tested that FightCamp Smart Boxing System for Forbes a few months ago and interviewed co-founder and former US national team boxer Tommy Duquette:

However, while the list of celebrity Battlemaster investors is impressive – and likely hugely important to marketing – the bulk of the $ 90 million investment likely came from venture capital firms New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Connect Ventures.

“[FightCamp] was a cool way of introducing boxing to my kids and now I can’t stop them, ”Mike Tyson said in a statement.

The FightCamp system uses smart boxing gloves and a punching bag along with core and aerobic fitness moves to provide users with a full body workout, a means of improving their self-defense skills and possibly a way to reduce aggression and tension.

Sensors in the gloves track your training, your strokes and your intensity.

A new mode in the app, Versus, allows you to virtually compete with others – in a sense, “fight” them while you hit your own punching bag. This will be addicting and fun and make a game of getting fit, especially with friends. It makes home exercise social, which is important.

And it could add virality to the product.

Most of us enjoy exercising at home, even as the COVID pandemic is subsiding in some countries – 81% of people under 40 in a study cited by FightCamp – and buying smart devices is one way of increasing people’s motivation and engagement maintain. The FightCamp app offers “more than 1,000 classes, exercises and workouts” and there are leaderboards to compare your results with others.

In conversation with co-founder Tommy Duquette:

Other notable investors include startup factory Y Combinator, CEO of mobile gaming heavyweight Supercell, Ilkka Paananen, and Fritz Lanman, CEO of the fitness class finder app ClassPass.

Boxing is one of the top 7 most popular fitness classes on ClassPass in the US, and mixed martial arts is the top fitness class on this platform for when people are exercising with friends.

“In 2019, boxing and kickboxing classes had 33 percent more attendance than cycling classes in the US,” said Harley Miller, founder and managing partner of Left Lane Capital. “We’ve spent time with almost all of the relevant players in the connected fitness market and found that the market is filled with expensive products and imitators selling to the same wealthy audience. In FightCamp we saw a truly unique product format and experience that both captures the spirit of the fighter and provides an authentic entry point for all levels. “

The boxing fitness system Fight Camp.

Combat camp

With prominent investors branded for the product, the $ 90 million is likely aimed at bringing what is basically the complete FightCamp product to a much larger audience.

“The home fitness category accelerated last year,” said Khalil Zahar, founder and CEO of FightCamp, in a statement. “Now that more consumers are trend-setting it as their on-going routine, we have an even greater opportunity to give the people at home a taste of boxing and martial arts culture.”