“You have reduced so much!”, “Please do not reduce any further …”, “We like you a little healthy”, are some of the comments that surfaced when actor Shweta Rohira recently appeared in public at an event in Mumbai, and the shutterbugs went click click. Though some comments on her social media feed like “You look malnourished. Please eat something ‘, Rohira almost implied, Rohira remains unmoved and jokes: “Maybe (people) are worried and love the plump me. It’s just her way of showing concern. I don’t think they’re so angry. I even take that as love from them when they tell me that. The point is, you can’t make everyone happy. Whether you are fat or thin, you should be happy in your skin! ”

Shweta Rohira in Malaysia in 2015 for an award ceremony. (Photo: Yogen Shah)

Rohira, who was previously married to actor Pulkit Samrat, had started focusing on fitness a few years ago. She reveals, “It all happened over a period of three years, but a year ago it was noticed drastically with the new hair and all.” Initially, she had reportedly lost five pounds in four months; but since then no one seems to have stopped them. “I used to weigh 82 kg. Now I’m literally halfway. I’ve lost a person! And yes, it was a conscious effort. If you don’t do it consciously, you can’t be disciplined enough to get where I’ve got to. One fine day I said you know what a healthy lifestyle I want. ”

“You can enjoy it; I enjoyed my weight loss journey because I didn’t say, “Oh, I want to be so much in so much time”! I wanted to go back to my “healthy self”. It was just a trip, and in the bargain transformation ho gaya … “she says, adding,” But it wasn’t about being thin. I used to be thin in life. And then there was a period when I was fat in life. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy being fat; I enjoyed this phase too. One day I happened to be looking at my outfits while cleaning my wardrobe and I said, “I want to go back to my skinny me and my short hair. Then I turned to my nutritionist and the journey began, ”says the actress, who is now looking forward to the release of her short film.

Shweta with her rakhi brother, actor Salman Khan.  (Photo: Instagram)
Shweta with her rakhi brother, actor Salman Khan. (Photo: Instagram)

In addition to #FitnessGoals, she has done jobs like blogging Insta and interviewing writers and celebrities. But what she enjoys most is “the healthier way of life that has become a lifestyle”. Biking, hiking, zumba, she did it all! And for those on their weight loss journey, Rohira urges, “Don’t lose hope”. She reiterates her thoughts on her drastic overhaul, saying, “I enjoy being who I am. Much disciplined action had to be taken. The biggest myth is that you can’t, it’s a difficult process. It’s not a difficult process, you can enjoy it ”, she smiles and closes with Shah Rukh Khan’s famous dialogue“ Kehte hain agar

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