The health ordinance that requires vaccinations or weekly tests applies to all businesses and government agencies with staff who are home caregivers or pharmacists. It balances these workers with other sectors like education, fire services, and law enforcement who are subject to similar vaccinations or health tests.

The new guideline for youth sports includes a mask requirement indoors for all participants, trainers, staff and spectators, regardless of their vaccination status. Masks are also required for competitions and training, during physical education classes, conditioning / weight lifting, and other indoor activities.

COVID-19 vaccinations are highly recommended for all participants old enough to be eligible for vaccination, as well as trainers, staff and volunteers. Full vaccination of all athletes and employees will greatly reduce the risk of transmission of the virus between teammates and between teams, and protect against serious illness, hospitalization and death. It will also reduce disruption to team activities as fully vaccinated individuals will not need to be quarantined if they are in close contact with a COVID-19 case.

“These public health measures are designed to help control the spread of COVID, which is currently increasing rapidly due to the Delta variant,” said Dr. Mase. “Taken together, these measures will make the community safer.”