Kathryn Dennis goes through a lot. It’s a difficult phase when she needs her friends by her side. Unfortunately, most of them have turned their backs and she is all alone fighting death threats that have a direct impact on her Monkey emoji Fiasco. Although she apologized for her racist comment to a user on social media, the slip continued to haunt her.

On this week’s episode of ‘Southern Charm’, we see reality TV star pour out her heart to a friend, Jackie, who calls to check on her. She looked for ex-partner Thomas Ravenel’s newborn in baby clothes and admitted how damaging the past few weeks had been in terms of BFF Danni Baird’s behavior towards her.

The two got into an angry word war at Madison LeCroy’s beach party, but not before discussing multiple times about not being there for each other as often as they should.

If it was just left to these two, the drama wouldn’t boil over. Does Leva Bonaparte seem to have stirred the pot a little? The popular opinion on social media is yes. For the past couple of days meeting with Danni, they have had a discussion about Kathryn and her racist roots and remarks.

Even in this week’s episode, we’ve seen Leva point out that she doesn’t appreciate when Danni pampers Kathryn and defends her actions when she should really be called on to do so.

Meanwhile, fans seem to be more concerned about how “unhealthy” Kathryn looks in her new confessional. She wears this beautiful bandeau dress in which her shoulders are exposed. The weight loss is obvious, but the audience thinks something is wrong and even rapid weight loss is linked to drug use. Thomas once accused Kathryn of allegedly using drugs and consuming alcohol while pregnant with their baby.

“Whooooooah, Kathryn looks healthy in the episode … but her denominational appearance. Has anyone else seen a quick weight loss drug addict in the confessional?” One fan asked while another tweeted, “How did Kathryn lose so much weight #SouthernCharm.”

“Isn’t Kathryn still in her twenties? Why does she look like she did too much work on her? I want her to wash her face, take off the strange hair extension, and look normal. Please. # SouthernCharm”, wrote a user.

“Whoa … is Kathryn back on that Coca-Cola? Her newest confessional doesn’t look … healthy. #SouthernCharm,” tweeted one fan, another commented: “Does Kathryn look emaciated in her confessional? # Southerncharm.”

Whooooooah šŸ˜¦

Kathryn looks healthy in the episode …

but her confessional view šŸ˜²

Has anyone else seen a drug addict with rapid weight loss in the confessional?


– Or am I Penny (@ maf7825) January 8, 2021

Isn’t Kathryn still in her 20s? Why does she look like she’s done too much work on herself? I want her to wash her face, remove the weird hair extension, and look normal. You’re welcome. #SouthernCharm

– Ray Sun (@ Rayofshine69) January 15, 2021

Whoa … is Kathryn on that Coca-Cola again? Your newest confessional doesn’t look … healthy. šŸ˜Ÿ #SouthernCharm

– Sarah says … (@ SarahSaysS0) January 15, 2021

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