The body transformations that public figures, particularly movie and television stars, are subjected to seem to be getting tougher due to the amount of time that normally passes between on-screen viewers. When you live with someone who is becoming a trimmer day in and day out, you usually get a little more used to their physical changes. But in the case of someone like, let’s say Steve Howey of Shameless, her Weight loss can be a shock to some people.

Steve Howey spoke extensively about his motivations for weight loss in an interview with Men’s Journal.

Before Howey became a member of the hugely popular Showtime series Shameless, he was a main character on another long-running television show, Reba. In a discussion with MJ, he talked about not knowing what was going to come next for him in terms of his career, and it was this uncertainty that led to his gaining weight.

After signing up for the first season of Shameless, he said training was difficult because he suffered a compressed vertebra.

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But it was kind of a hole in a bucket because he said the reason his vertebrae were compressed was directly due to the fact that he had gained so much weight. “I wanted to lose that extra weight and strengthen my muscles so my bones wouldn’t collapse on top of me.”

It was at this point that he decided to do more exercise and talked about the biggest obstacle most people face in maintaining a fitness program: laziness.

“When I don’t feel like exercising, lifting weights, or doing serious cardio, the best I can do is just get on the treadmill and walk. I walk and listen to music and 10 minutes go by, then 15, and then I get a little faster. As soon as my blood really starts flowing, I get a second wind and then I want to exercise. The best way to make yourself want to exercise is to just work up a sweat and have the blood circulate. “

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Starting small and warming up is a big motivator for Steve, who also added that he needed to make big changes to his diet to maintain physical fitness.

“I used to be able to eat a bowl of chicken wings and three mugs of beer and move on,” he said. “Now I just want to take a nap. It’s getting worse and worse. The older you get, the worse life gets.”

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Steve Howey also said that sex played a huge role in his weight loss journey.

“If you want to lie more, be in better shape. When I was hardest, it hurt to have sex. That’s the truth, honest with God. I would wrap myself. My hip flexors were tight. It was heavy . ” to be at the top. There’s a link between being in better shape and having great sex. “

He says it has less to do with being attractive and more to do with feeling good and being able to perform better for longer.

He also wanted to look for “the role” for the “graphic sex scenes” with Shanola

“I realized that I have to be physically fit if I want to take all these crazy sex positions,” he said. “Literally, in the beginning it was impossible to do what the director asked and keep up with Shanola. These are stunts; these sex scenes are like fight scenes. Since I’m so naked on the show, I prefer them also on I don’t want to look like a fat guy with people switching channels. “

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In addition to Shameless, Howey’s had a long career in film and television and has appeared in high profile shows such as Sons of Anarchy, New Girl, SEAL Team, Carrier and Dead to Me and many others.

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Shameless’ eleventh and final season debuted on Sunday, December 27, 2020. The final episode will air on April 4, 2021.