One of the most common New Year resolutions is getting more exercise. Many people say that they will do a full body workout every day, jog or yoga every morning to relax. However, many of such New Year’s resolutions do not actually take place.

Many fail to achieve their fitness goals. But often only because people don’t have a plan. Here are some training subscriptions to help you keep your training goals on track for 2021.


Hyfit resistance bands can help you achieve an effective full body workout. Resistance bands are also perfect for those who live in a small space and don’t have a lot of space for large devices.

Hyfit shows you how to use the bands properly and offers a variety of workouts, which means they are not your standard resistance bands. Every training offered also has intelligent tracking. There are a few different subscriptions, but the Hyfit device itself is $ 49.99 and there is a subscription for $ 15 per month.

Have you made fitness your New Years resolution?  Use these full body exercise products at home to get in shape this year.

Ring Fit Adventure

If you enjoy playing video games, there is a way to play while you get fit. Nintendos Ring Fit Adventure With the Nintendo Switch, you get a challenging full-body workout.

As you play, one of the game system’s joysticks goes into a ring that you hold while you engage in a variety of fun and healthy activities. The game costs $ 79.99 on Amazon.

Have you made fitness your New Years resolution?  Use these full body exercise products at home to get in shape this year.

Apple Fitness +

The Apple Watch is not only suitable for text messaging and setting alarms. The device can also be used for Apple Fitness +, a subscription service that was recently launched. With an exercise subscription right on your wrist, you can easily do a full-body workout anywhere. Apple Fitness + is $ 9.99 per month and includes a large library of instructor-led exercise videos.

Have you made fitness your New Years resolution?  Use these full body exercise products at home to get in shape this year.

The mirror

The mirror is the most expensive workout subscription on this list – and possibly the scariest, yet best. The mirror kit is $ 1,495 and a monthly subscription for classes is $ 39 per month. A typical gym has mirrors so people can take care of themselves while exercising and make sure they are doing the poses correctly.

The mirror brings the mirror to your home. It goes right up against a wall, which means it doesn’t take up too much space. It comes with cameras that will watch you and give you live feedback on your form. A full body workout can be done while instructor-led classes are streamed. When the mirror is not used as a training tool, it becomes a normal mirror.

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga offers subscribers a variety of courses that can be streamed live or played on demand. There are classes for people of all levels and for a variety of different exercises.

The simpler classes include yoga, but there are also cardio sessions and free weight exercises for those looking to build more muscle. This means whether you are getting fit casually or want a full body workout, there are classes to suit your needs. A subscription to CorePower Yoga is $ 19.99 per month.


The MYX is not your typical full-body exercise machine. It includes a video touchscreen that broadcasts instructor-led cycling sessions. Biking is often a shared activity with an instructor who guides everyone else on their bikes.

There’s even a heart rate monitor and a way to customize the workout to suit your needs. The machine itself costs $ 1,299 and a monthly subscription to the services is $ 29 per month.


Get a full body workout with the FightCamp kit that will hit and kick all your emotions. For $ 1,219, you can get a punching bag, gloves, and punch tracker to record exercise statistics. For an additional $ 39 per month, you can get access to their trainers.