The summer season has started and people who wear shoes for a long time have an unbearable stench from sweat. Hence, it is very important that this foul odor needs to be dealt with. It is also not possible to wear slippers for the office every day, so it is better if we use some simple home remedies.

Below are some tried home remedies to help prevent the bad smell from shoes and socks.

Orange / lemon peel: After returning from the office, put the orange peel in your shoes overnight, the bad smell will go away. One can also use lemon peel, but before you put it in the lemon, check that the skin is not very wet, otherwise your shoe will be spoiled.

White wine vinegar: Adding white vinegar to the shoes will get rid of the stink. Pour white vinegar on the shoes and wipe it with a cloth. This will quickly get rid of the stench. Adding vinegar will keep your shoes from getting wet and cleaning them with a cloth will remove the smell of sweat.

baking powder: It is a good remedy for bacteria. Using baking soda can get rid of the bacteria present in the shoes, as well as the odor. Sprinkle baking soda on your shoes at night and in the morning and clean with a cloth. That way, your shoes won’t stink at all.

Teabag: Putting a used T-bag in shoes will remove all odor. Tannins in tea eliminate bacteria. Dry the tea bags, cool them and put them in shoes. After a few hours you can feel that the smell has disappeared from the shoes.