Submitted by Advanced health care

ONadvanced health care announced today that it has received the Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice Award 2020 from Home Care Pulse. The Provider of Choice Award is given to the leading home care providers only, based on customer satisfaction scores from Home Care Pulse, an independent research company for home care satisfaction. Advanced Health Care is now one of the few select home care providers across the country who have demonstrated their ability to excel. This is the third year this award has been presented by Advanced Health Care.

“We are pleased to congratulate Advanced Health Care on their well-deserved contribution to the Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice Award,” said Erik Madsen, CEO of Home Care Pulse. “It is wonderful to see the hard work Advanced Health Care is doing to ensure quality care and employment – and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. With this award, you can provide potential new customers and caregivers with proof of quality.

Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice award winning providers have signed up with Home Care Pulse to get feedback from their customers by conducting live phone interviews with their customers every month. Because Home Care Pulse is a third party company, it can collect honest and unbiased feedback.

“We are so grateful for this recognition because it truly is a stamp of approval from the customers and families that we are so honored for,” said Lynessa Stone, vice president of marketing and recruiting for Advanced Health Care. “It is proof of that Value that our customers see in the services we offer and in our excellent team of carers and nurses who give so much every day when they go to work. Receiving this award after 2020 is really humbling and makes us proud of our team. “

To learn more about Advanced Health Care’s commitment to excellence, please visit Advanced Health Care website or call 800-690-3330.