5:11 pm | Tuesday, February 23, 2021

When someone is looking for a quick and easy meal, there is usually no shortage of options.

But “fast” is usually not synonymous with healthy.

“There’s a lot of fast food, a lot of bars, things like that,” said Clayton Smith, owner of Nourish nutrition club in Osseo. “But there is no good, healthy place to have lunch or breakfast.”

At least that’s how it used to be bone. Because of this, Smith opened Nourish along Central Avenue in 2019.

It’s a health and wellness smoothie shop where people can get drinks made exclusively from Herbalife products.

“You’re getting good nutrition, good fuel, instead of driving off some thoroughfare this afternoon,” said Smith.

The smoothies and shakes can serve as a meal replacement for breakfast or lunch, or as a recovery tool after a workout.

“I immediately trained to do fitness [County Road] 81 in Osseo, and it’s a really nice place because it’s close by and I love getting protein shakes, ”said Nathan Lantaingne-Goetsch, a Maple Grove customer. “Perfect for lifting, building muscle mass and the like.”

One of the drinks on the menu at Nourish in Osseo.

Lantaingne-Goetsch stopped by after training to order a banana split milkshake with an extra shot of protein. When he stops by again, he won’t be short of choices.

“You have to diversify and maybe try something different just to see what you like,” said Lantaingne-Goetsch.

The hope is that other people will follow suit to try their selections of shakes and energy drinks, but like many industries, the pandemic has presented Nourish with some challenges.

“They know we are two blocks from high school and that obviously having no students and no teachers has affected us,” said Smith. “But we do what we can to reach the students in the community and still get in touch with them.”

It certainly helps that they are selling a delicious product that is relatively easy to mix together.

And while the past year was not optimal, Smith is optimistic about the future.

“We will push through the pandemic,” he said. “We’re very committed to what we have and passionate about delivering it to the community.”


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