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Home fitness has always been a fun and convenient way to work out in a workout session without commuting to and from the gym or preparing for work in a dingy gym locker room. However, it’s safe to say that working from home has never been more desirable and accessible as it is today. While many fitness facilities across the country are slowly reopening – with social distancing measures – many of us are already used to doing just about anything from the comfort of our own home working out is certainly no exception.

Learning time is one of the pioneers in the premium remote fitness arena, which enables members to enjoy all of the benefits of exercising in an IRL boutique gym or one-on-one with a personal trainer online Security of your home. This is made possible by the brand’s AI-powered fitness systems, which provide real-time guidance and feedback, as well as 3D sensors to correct the shape and can even count repetitions for you. For just $ 39 a month, you get access to a wide variety of virtual, Expert-led training coursesThe offer ranges from HIIT and cardio courses to targeted strength training, stretching, yoga, kickboxing and everything in between. There are also new live and on-demand courses to choose from every day. In fact, the future of fitness is already here.

The brand’s commitment to offering luxurious, innovation-driven and research-driven technology has been expanded even further. Now Tempo has taken digital fitness to a whole new level and launched three new personalized bundles, each tailored to the individual needs of every athlete, every fitness level and every body: The Tempo Starter, Tempo Plus and Tempo Pro. Customers can now shop quickly packed with them Fitness accessories tailored to help you meet and maintain your personal fitness needs and goals.

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Start time

Perfect for fitness fans of all levels (including beginners) Tempo Starter Bundle Comes complete with over $ 1,000 worth of personalized exercise accessories, including a 5mm exercise mat, two 7.5 pound dumbbells, and four different weight platesas well as the 3D sensor and the AI ​​personal coaching engine. Start your new fitness routine for just $ 69 per month (excluding taxes, membership, and delivery) or $ 2,495 upfront.

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Tempo plus

The best-selling bundle of the three, the Tempo plus Includes the 3D sensor, AI personal coaching engine, and fitness accessories valued at over $ 1,750. In addition to the basics, the Plus bundle also includes bonus weights and additional equipment, including a Heart rate monitor, on Recovery roller, and a foldable bench to help you take your cardio and strength training to the next level. Monthly payments for the Plus Bundle start at just $ 90 per month or a one-time price of $ 3,245.

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Time Pro

If you are looking for the optimal home fitness experience this is it Per bundle weather is for you. In addition to the AI ​​personal coaching engine, $ 2,500 worth of accessories, and a 3D sensor, this option comes with any tempo weight and built-in memory for added convenience. Other deluxe pieces of equipment that come with this premium package include a foldable squat rack, on Kettlebell system, and Storage of weight plates. Make a commitment to keep your health and priority this year and make the Pro Bundle yours for just $ 3,995 or just $ 111 a month.

Best of all is the drop of the three new Tempo bundles This happens to coincide with the launch of the brand’s new and improved companion mobile app, which allows Tempo Community Chart members to monitor and monitor their goals and progress. It also provides access to My Plan, which provides weekly personalized training routines. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the bundles and app are designed to work for you – your schedule, goals, and exercise preferences.

The ultimate studio experience that costs less than your monthly gym membership is the Tempo Studio. You can with these customizable bundle options compact fitness system comes with literally everything you need for a challenging workout without leaving your home. If you’d rather buy one of the premium accessories included in the bundle sets à la carte, you can purchase them separately Selection of accessories. Oh, and if you’re worried about bulky fitness equipment spoiling your chic home decor, don’t worry. At just two meters, the slim design of the Tempo Studio is not a thorn in the side – it only takes up three square meters of floor space.

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