This weight loss guide has been well received by critics and is highly recommended read.

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?? This is great read for anyone interested in non-fiction and health-related literature. The author did a great job making it a factual and fairly quick read.

Kourosh Naziri, whose pseudonym is “Cyrus”? makes it very clear that his book, ?? A Proper Weight Loss And Health Improvement Program? is designed as a simple guide for people between 9 and 99 years of age. While this critically acclaimed guide is primarily intended for adults who want to eat healthier and lose some weight, it has included an appendix, especially for younger people up to 20-25 years old. Indeed with the parents? These very young readers could read Appendix 1 at their own discretion. This book is divided into two parts. Section 1 is the central element of the book where you will learn how to eat and exercise. Is this in Cyrus? Experience, the only possible approach. Section 2 is referred to as the Appendix Chapter. It can be used for both learning and reference purposes.

Multiple book reviews have given this book a high rating and an abundance of positive comments and praise, and it has been well received by critics and readers across the online and traditional writing community. Jessica Tingling of the San Francisco Book Review rated the book five stars out of five, commenting: ?? (The book) is entertaining read full of valuable information. The author has written a well organized, accessible book to assist and guide readers in their individual health tasks. This is not a book written by a medical practitioner laden with clinical jargon that will overwhelm and discourage readers. Each section contains thoughtful recommendations on diet, exercise, and general wellbeing to improve a person’s quality of life.

Tony Espinoza of the Pacific Book Review said: Over the past few decades the focus and need for a healthier lifestyle has become much more important. The ridiculous need to associate beauty with weight gain / loss from a health point of view, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and eating the right foods generally leads to better lifestyle choices. He went on to quote Richard Simmons: The real pride, the real gift, is your health and your longevity. In my entire career, I’ve never done anything competition related to weight loss.

Overall the book ?? A Proper Program for Weight Loss and Health Improvement? by Kourosh Naziri is a well-rounded, well-received, and critically acclaimed health guide that is highly recommended for all. Do you support Cyrus? Book by purchasing a copy of this from Amazon here at or on his personal website

Kourosh Naziri (Cyrus) – A Proper Weight Loss and Health Improvement Program: Using the Latest Scientific and Technological Concepts

ISBN-10: 1952896274
ISBN-13: 978-1952896279
Book genre: Diet / Weight Loss / Health
Published in: ReadersMagnet LLC (October 6, 2020)
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About the author

Well-known writer, lecturer, and former DC World Bank data networking specialist, Kourosh Naziri (who goes by the pen name Cyrus) is the current general manager of Cyrus 21st Century Entrepreneurship LLC, a science and technology research firm based in Los Angeles , California. Cyrus is as good at health coaching and weight loss programs as he is at aerospace and science fiction? An unexpected yet tasteful versatility in his skills that enables a fascinating combination of colorful, speculative imagination and solid, factual science. Aside from being the author of the critically acclaimed futuristic space exploration novel entitled ?? A journey to ultra-dimensions: time is not an essence in this ultra-dimension? He is also the author of the extremely informative and very useful exercise and nutrition program entitled ?? An Adequate Weight Loss and Health Improvement Program: Using the Latest Scientific and Technological Concepts? This is an extensively thorough yet simplified analysis of diet and exercise minus the cosmetic aspect that the healthcare industry seems to revolve around in this day and age – especially given society’s heightened awareness of body acceptance, broader and broader standards of beauty. and new perspectives on height and fat burning.

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