(SHREVEPORT, LA) “I wouldn’t have my house without this gym,” said Rob Webster, owner of Play It Again Sports in Shreveport.

Webster is a very busy man. When he’s not on duty for the Shreveport Police Department, he’s non-stop answering fitness questions from customers at his Play It Again Sports on 70th Street in Shreveport.

Like many business owners, the Covid pandemic forced him to close the doors for nearly five months. Slowly but surely, the buyers came back, but they were all looking for one thing: fitness equipment.

“Everything closed. When restaurants and non-essential stores closed, we had to close. It took three months for things to open on the pretext of fitness. We started working with many doctors who were sending PT (physical) therapy patients.” up here, “said Webster.

This small part of his shop proved a salvation to his business. According to Rob’s research, in the two months since the gym reopened, records broke and was made possible thanks to a local connection.

Webster added, “We have actually been fortunate to work with X-Mark Fitness Equipment, which is actually a local Shreveport company. They are here and only sell commercial grade fitness equipment.”

The move turned out to be a win-win. X-Mark is a heavy-duty company based right here in Shreveport. The company was able to supply the store with anything its customers were looking for.

LexMark was even able to help him with some hard-to-find items like this squat bar that’s supposedly the Rolls-Royce model. Those who use it can twist the handles whichever feels best and start lifting.

With certain Covid protocols still in place, the personal home fitness business is expected to continue booming, making health officials happy.

Craig Alger of the Willis Knighton Health System told KTBS, “It’s incredibly important, especially during the pandemic. One thing we are seeing is that Covid 19 isn’t the only thing that is contributing to the decline in people’s health, it also does very little physical activity. We’ve seen quite a bit of weight gain and people are losing their ability to get out and do the things they want to do. “

Whether you decide to pile the plates up or just toss a few dumbbells around the garage, only nearby fitness equipment can tempt you to get healthier.

“Our bodies are chemically in a better mood when we exercise more often. When our bodies are chemically in a better mood, we’re usually better mentally, too, ”said Alger.

Whenever you’re just starting a new workout, it’s always a good idea to speak to a doctor to see which routine is best for you.