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  • Well-designed workout clothes can make any type of workout a more enjoyable experience.
  • Workout equipment that is worth your money should stay in place, move with you, and survive many wash cycles.
  • We spoke to 20 coaches, men and women, to share their favorite bras, tops, shorts, leggings and joggers to work out with.

If you start exercisingYou certainly don’t need special clothing to work up a sweat. As long as you have comfortable shorts or leggings and, if necessary, a Sports bra, the most important thing is to just come after it.

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But the more you exercise, the more you realize this sweat-wicking tops and specialty spandex shorts actually make exercise much more comfortable. After all, if your cotton top is soaked through End of a run that it literally weighs you down or you spend a whole at home spin class When you pull down your shorts, your equipment makes your workout harder than necessary.

With a ridiculous amount of technical brands All of them promise to aid in your fastest run, tallest jump, and most fire dance moves. Buying new exercise equipment can be overwhelming. So I asked those who know more about great equipment than anyone else: fitness professionals. From certified personal trainers to entrepreneurs who have built million dollar brands, they’ve tested virtually every tank, leggings, and bra on the market.

Below, a total of 20 trainers shared their favorite pieces Training equipment of brands they are not associated with and that they really love. These workout tops, bras, shorts, and leggings have passed through the workout wringer and have proven their place in your drawer.

According to fitness trainers, here are the best workout clothes: