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(CNN Spanish) – Dr. Elmer Huerta answers questions from our audience about the coronavirus. Among other things, whether there are home remedies to increase the immune system and the effects of the virus or not. We also resolve doubts about vaccines and treatment for the disease.

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Hello i’m dr Elmer Huerta and this is your daily dose of information on the new coronavirus. We hope this information is useful to protect your health and that of your family. Today we are going to answer some of the questions we were asked on our Twitter account @DrHuerta.

Questions about the coronavirus vaccine

@drhuerta Hello Doctor, I have a kidney transplant and I want to know if it is advisable and safe for transplant recipients to be vaccinated against COVID19, the vaccine not containing the weakened virus. To date, they don’t talk about it and due to the immunosuppression we are vulnerable.

– Erika (@ Erika56638174) February 18, 2021

Hello Erika, of course I do. Transplant people are more prone to complications from Covid-19, so they need to protect themselves with the vaccine.

The idea is that a transplant recipient who is vaccinated against the flu annually, which they should always be doing, can also be vaccinated against Covid-19.

@ Drhuerta Hello! In his episode on February 9, he said that Oxford was already working on producing a second generation of the vaccine adapted to the new variant in South Africa. My question is whether this new generation should also go through phase 1-3 studies.

– Daniel Martínez (@ daniel940301), February 18, 2021

Excellent question, Daniel. Some reports indicate that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would not require large phase 3 studies, only small safety and immunity studies. That is, a kind of phase 1.

Good morning Dr., from Mexico, hopefully my question will be on tomorrow’s podcast 🙏🏼
A person who tested positive for more than 21 days, was moderately to mildly ill, and has no more symptoms, did the test again and says they are still infected, right?

– Pilar Camacho (@PilarCamachoG) February 18, 2021

Hello Pilar, excellent question. It is estimated that around 10% of people have sustained positive molecular tests a few weeks after overcoming COVID-19.

A South Korean study has shown that because the test is positive, because the test is so sensitive that any trace of the virus present in the secretions is reported as positive, these people cannot infect others.

@drhuerta Hello, regarding the percent effectiveness of vaccines approved in an emergency to prevent COVID-19, how different are these percentages compared to other vaccines? For example, those who are not approved for emergencies like influenza. Greetings from 🇲🇽

– Miguel Angel @ (@ xe1zeh) February 18, 2021

Excellent question, Miguel. In a bad year the flu vaccine is about 20% effective and in a good year it is 60% effective.

Compare this to the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines, which almost all 75% pass.

@drhuerta If a person vaccinated against COVID-19 is constantly exposed to the virus or its variants, could that person produce additional antibodies that simulate a vaccination?

– Richard Garza (@RicardoGMR) February 18, 2021

Very good question Richard, but the truth is I don’t have a fixed answer.

We could theoretically assume that if the vaccine could fully protect the person from infection by the new coronavirus, it would not be able to colonize them and therefore would not produce antibodies.

However, if the person is infected with a variant that is resistant to the neutralizing antibodies produced by the vaccine, the person will become infected again and develop the disease.

@drhuerta Dr, if the Astrazeneca vaccine against the variant is ineffective and the COVAX mechanism opts for that vaccine. Given the air traffic between countries. Wouldn’t that be a pointless app?

– Mario Miranda (@Mariomirandamur) February 18, 2021

Excellent question, Mario. It all depends on how quickly the B1351 variant, discovered in South Africa, spreads around the world.

On the positive side, AstraZeneca is already working on a new version of its vaccine that could be marketed by COVAX.

@drhuerta Finally, what is known about the effectiveness of the CoronaVac vaccine from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac Biotech, it appears that 192 million doses have been acquired in my country, Colombia.

– Ebert Cobo (@DarkEbert) February 16, 2021

Hello Ebert, the effectiveness of the Sinovac CoronaVac vaccine is controversial.

While it was charged at 50.38% in Brazil, it was charged at 91% in Turkey, albeit in a small sample of volunteers.

@drhuerta Greetings from Puerto Rico, I just started following you on your podcast today, but I have a question, a patient allergic to aspirin can be vaccinated. Many Thanks! Att: Eddie Miranda

– Eddie Miranda (@Goropr) February 16, 2021

Hello Eddie, welcome to the fact versus fiction family. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people receiving the Pfizer vaccine and suffering from food or drug allergies can get the vaccine.

Only those who had a severe reaction after an intramuscular injection might not get it.

@drhuerta a consultation, a relative with a physical condition (achondroplasia) measures 1.20, is 29 years old and is a medical staff, are there any studies that answer whether this group can be vaccinated safely and effectively? Is it Safe to Get Vaccinated with Phizer Formula?

– Camila Parra (@rparracamila) February 15, 2021

Hello Camila. Achondroplasia, the most common type of dwarfism, is not a contraindication to receiving a vaccine.

Your family member should be vaccinated.

Questions about treatment and the consequences of the coronavirus

@drhuerta A query. What Can The Good Home Remedies Be To Increase Expert Recommended Defense Measures Against COVID-19?

– Julio Morales (@ JulioMo51101398) February 18, 2021

Hi Julio, I would like to give you some recommendations, but unfortunately there is no home remedy for improving the immune system.

What I can tell you is that when you know that the system is made up of cells and proteins called antibodies, through a healthy and balanced diet, you will produce the elements that make up the immune system.

@ Drhuerta good afternoon. Sorry, my mother had COVID and recovered in late December 2020; He currently has hives as if from poisoning. He has already taken medication for it, but the hives remain. Is it a sequel to COVID?

– Jorge Castelán (@castelan_jm) February 15, 2021

Hello Jorge, as we heard in the episodes of August 22nd and January 13th, it is possible that episodes of covid-19 occur on the skin. Some of them present themselves as beehives.

I suggest you see a family doctor or dermatologist for a diagnosis and follow-up care for your mother.

@drhuerta Dear Dr. associated comorbidities? Thank you

– Always me @ (@ Moris_06) February 15, 2021

Hello always. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for this childhood complication of Covid-19. As we said on the May 14 episode, the disease should only be treated supportively in the hospital.

Fortunately, despite the spectacular symptoms, the disease has a very low death rate.

Questions about contagion

@drhuerta hello dr. My parents got Covid at the beginning of January. How long do the post-disease antibodies normally last? could they get another burden? Greetings from Cuba 🇨🇺

– Pizzito with Piñita @ (@pina_con_pizza) February 17, 2021

Good question, pizzito. The studies are inconclusive. Some say the immunity is short, around 90 days, others say it could be 8 months.

I think we should wait longer to learn more about the disease.

@drhuerta should we define purchasing? Do you wash our hair when we return home? Wear safety glasses indoors? Thanks dr.

– Ivonne Guerra (@ ivoguerra70), February 17, 2021

Hello Ivonne. According to an overview in the journal Nature, contamination from surfaces is very likely, but very rare compared to contamination through the respiratory tract from aerosols.

So it wouldn’t be necessary to do everything you say. It would just be enough to wash your hands well when you get home.

How long do aerosol particles with an active virus remain in the environment? Many Thanks

– Emiliocolon (@emiliocolon) February 17, 2021

It’s difficult to pinpoint these dates, Emilio. Some laboratory experiments have calculated that an aerosol can stay in a hermetically sealed cylinder for up to three hours.

I think that in real life, the duration of an aerosol in an enclosed space depends on the ventilation of the place and the concentration of the virus.

After isolating someone with COVID-19 in their room, both the patient and the caregiver should always wear a mask and the windows should be open.

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