Everywhere you look there’s some new product that pretty much guarantees to transform your workouts. Between the pricy indoor bikes to expensive online memberships, it’s not exactly easy to figure out what you need to get in shape. But here’s a secret: There are some great cheap fitness products on Amazon that deliver a great workout.

Honestly, there are so many to choose from that it’s not easy to narrow down the best of the best. So first, you want to consider the type of workouts that will keep you motivated. For example, if you love running, investing in this genius foot roller makes sense so you can recover quickly between miles. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to lift weights and build muscle, a great pair of workout gloves are a must.

Just be sure you’re honest with yourself! You may want to run for miles, but if that’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. There’s nothing wrong with investing in a high-quality yoga mat and learning a new practice that’s more gentle on your joints (and still super challenging). Or even better: You can mix and match a few fun products that inspire you to hit your home gym and keep your fitness routine interesting.

To help you find the best home gym products for you, here’s a round-up of some extremely effective and affordable gear that you’ll love.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

1. This die that changes up your fitness routine

This exercise die is a must for when your home fitness routine starts to get stale. It features 12 sides, each of which has a different exercise that you can do using only your bodyweight. There’s everything from basic cardio, including sets of jumping jacks, to strength-based exercises, like squats and crunches. Just roll the die to create a completely unique routine every time you work out.

2. These ventilated workout gloves that have silicone grips

These workout gloves protect your hands while still allowing for plenty of airflow. They cover the base of your fingers, where blisters tend to crop up, yet have an open back so your hands won’t sweat. They even feature an extra thick strap to protect your wrists while you’re lifting heavy weights, and the silicone pads at the palm ensure you get a tight and stable grip.

3. This comfortable yoga mat that has over 18,000 reviews

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an advanced yogi, this extra thick yoga mat is a great investment. At almost a half inch thick, this foam mat is comfortable for any posture, but especially ones that may put pressure on your knee joints. It also comes in a ton of different colors and its own carrying strap, so you can take it to the studio in between home yoga sessions.

4. This OG thigh master that can also work your arms

While this OG thigh master is made to tone your inner thighs, reviewers also love it for working on your upper body strength. The key is the ball in the center. This ball features a tight coil that adds tons of resistance to the foam-covered handles. This way, you can comfortably squeeze this device between your arms or thighs to build strength all over.

5. These lightweight towels that keep you cool

Just place these cooling towels in water and pop them into your fridge before a workout. Each towel is made from lightweight mesh that traps in water droplets to help keep you cool. Whenever you get hot, just snap the towel to reactivate the water and help you stay comfortable. You can also safely toss these in the washer and dryer between workouts.

6. These elastic laces that you never have to tie

Over 50,000 reviewers swear by these elastic laces. They fit any standard shoe and they’re made from super durable elastic that can hold up to daily wear and tear. Once they’re locked into place, you literally never have to tie them again. You can adjust them for any shoe, and you can even grab them in a ton of different colors.

7. These resistance bands that work your whole body

These popular resistance bands have so many rave reviews because they’re really effective and extremely affordable. There are five bands in this set ranging from extra light to extra heavy. They’re also made from all-natural latex, which is resistant to tearing. Use these to build strength in your arms, upper back, glutes, and more for a full-body workout. And when you’re finished, you can easily slip them into the included storage bag.

8. This jump rope that’s cordless & weighted

Not only does this cordless jump rope give you an excellent workout, but you won’t have to keep stopping to deal with a tangled rope. Instead of the standard rope, it features a two weights on the end of each handle so you can still find an easy rhythm when you’re jumping. The handles also feature ball bearings for even weight distribution, as well as extra padding to prevent blisters.

9. This yoga strap that has multiple loops

This yoga strap helps you to increase your flexibility without over-stretching. Instead of a single loop at the end, this strap features 12 loops throughout so you can choose the perfect length to stretch each and every part of your body. It also comes with an exercise guide to help you stretch sore muscles. Plus, it’s made from durable nylon so it’ll pretty much last forever.

10. This balance disc that trains your core

No matter where you place this balance disc, it works wonders to strengthen your core muscles. It features a unique dome shape that creates a sense of instability so your core muscles contract to keep your torso upright, which means that you’re working out even while you’re sitting. You can also place it on the floor to amp up your planks and push-ups.

11. This acupressure mat that can help relieve sore muscles

To recover from your workouts faster, you need this affordable acupressure mat. It features dozens of tiny plastic “needles” that press into tightly contracted muscles when you lie down, helping them to release. This mat also comes with an acupressure pillow to relieve tension at the back of your neck. As one reviewer puts it, “The tension relief is real! My back and shoulders are noticeably looser after a session on the stabby mat.”

12. These resistance bands that you can use anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you have a full home gym or you’re working out in a small corner, there’s a place for these latex resistance bands. This set comes with five bands, each one almost 4 feet long, so you can use them on any part of your body. They range from 10 to 50 pounds of resistance, and the natural latex ensure they won’t tear. This set also comes with handles and a door anchor so you truly can work your entire body in any space.

13. This ab roller that builds up your core

If you’re ready to amp up your core workout, this ab roller is a game-changer. Instead of doing endless crunches, you work in plank formation, contracting your ab muscles to bring the wheel closer. Then release, roll the wheel out, and do it all over again. The padded, ergonomic handles help you to get a good grip without straining your hands or wrists so you can get the most out of your workout.

14. These gripper socks that are great for dance & yoga

These gripper socks are essential for at-home yoga, barre, and dance classes. They’re made from soft, stretchy cotton and feature criss-cross bands across the top to help keep them in place. They also feature silicone grips along the bottom to keep you from slipping while you’re working out. Plus, they come in a pack of two, and they’re safe to machine wash.

15. This device that strengthens your wrists and forearms

This wrist strengthener is so simple to use, you can even workout while you’re watching TV. Here’s how it works: Just slip your arm through this device and grab the handle at one end. The padded handle on the other side provides resistance so you can flex your arm and wrist, strengthening these hard-to-target muscles, all while you sit back and relax.

16. These push-up handles that can reduce wrist strain

These push-up handles may seem simple, but they can actually make a big difference in your workout routine. For one, they allow you to grip them from a neutral angle, relieving your wrists from potential strain. They also allow you to go deeper into a full range push-up, activating your chest muscles and working your upper back. On top of that, they have a non-skid platform, so you can feel safe knowing they shouldn’t slide out from under you.

17. This waist belt that holds your phone on a run

Not only can this water-resistant pack carry your phone, keys, and wallet, but reviewers mention that it’s comfortable to wear while you’re out on a run. It features a larger pocket in the front that’s great for bigger items (like a smartphone), and two smaller pockets on each side that can hold money, a small wallet, headphones, and more. This pack is also made from moisture-wicking materials, so it’ll protect your stuff from sweat and rain.

18. These yoga cards that help you make your own flow

With these genius yoga cards, you can skip the studio altogether. This pack comes with 70 cards, and each one features an asana, or posture. Postures range from ones you can do on the floor to challenging standing postures, and you can mix and match them to create your own flow that’s both challenging and unique. You can also follow the included guide if you’d like to practice more traditional flows.

19. This mini stepper that also helps tone your upper body

You can get in your cardio and strength training in one shot with this mini stepper. The stepper is small enough to tuck into a corner or under your desk when you aren’t using it, but it features a state-of-the-art hydraulic system to still deliver a great workout. It also features two latex resistance bands so you can work your back, shoulders, and biceps while you amp up your heart rate.

20. This hand and finger roller that helps relieve stress

Just five minutes with this hand and finger roller relieves tons of tension. One side features two mini rollers that work to massage both sides of a single finger, which the other side features a larger roller that you can run over your palm. Whether you spend a lot of time typing or your hands are sore from gripping weights, this roller is a life-saver.

21. This bottle that motivates you to drink more water

Keep this 32-ounce water bottle close by to stay hydrated all day. It’s made from BPA-free plastic and features a leak-proof lid that you can open with one hand. The best part about this bottle, though, is the motivational markers etched onto the side. These markers tell you what time to drink water while letting you know that you’re doing great.

22. This mini bike that you can place under your desk

Just because you’re working all day, it doesn’t mean you can get in a little cardio with this mini bike. Just place it under your workspace, slip your feet into the pedals, and you’re good to go. This little machine even keeps track of the time you’ve spent working out, revolutions, and revolutions per minute on the easy-to-see display screen.

23. These sweatbands that are super absorbent

These stretchy sweatbands are so soft and lightweight, reviewers mention they barely notice they’re there. They’re also extremely absorbent, keeping sweat from your eyes, and they stretch to fit comfortably. They also have silicone grips on the back side to prevent these bands from slipping down mid-workout. Plus, they’re machine-washable.

24. This fitness tracker that’s really affordable

For only 25 bucks, you can grab this popular fitness tracker. Just like more expensive brands, this tracker displays your step count and any calls or messages you receive while you’re exercising. You can even set it to track various workouts, your sleep patterns, and more. And bonus: It’s completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about sweating or swimming with it on.

25. These yoga blocks that have thousands of 5-star reviews

These well-reviewed yoga blocks are a must-have essential, whether you’re brand new to yoga or you’ve been practicing for a while. They’re made from high-density foam that’s lightweight, so they’re easy to position, yet firm enough to support your weight. You can prop them up on any side to find the height that works best for you to help increase stability in standing postures or obtain deeper stretches after your flow.

26. These sliders that work your abs from every angle

Even though these core sliders don’t seem like a big deal, they are; as one reviewer put it, “These gliding discs are an amazing add on to your workout!” One side features soft foam that glides easily over hard floors, and the other side features tough plastic that glides over carpets and rugs. You can use these sliders to amp up your planks and work the deepest and hardest to reach layer of your abdominal wall for an awesome workout.

27. This back & neck massager that targets tight muscles

This unique massager can help you recover faster between intense workouts. It looks like a huge hook, only the ball at the end features therapeutic nodules that can apply pressure to tight, contracted muscles that need to unwind. To use, just hold the handle on the other end and allow the hook to reach around while you work your neck, shoulders, and back.

28. This foot roller that’s great for runners & dancers

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, this foot roller is truly a lifesaver. It’s made of wood and features divots, or rings, along the center that work to target sore muscles in the soles of your feet. Just a few minutes of rolling out your feet can help to increase circulation and relieve tension so your feet are healed up and ready to go before your next run or class.

29. This pull-up bar that you can install in your doorframe

It takes less than a minute to install this pull-up bar on any standard doorframe. All you have to do is hook it around the frame and the resistance from the upper bar keeps it firmly in place. It can hold up to 300 pounds without budging, and it features an ergonomic handle that’s easy to grip. Once you finish your chin-ups, pull-ups, and leg raises, just unhook this bar and store it until your next workout.

30. These compression sleeves that help support your knees

These knee braces are the perfect solution for helping to prevent injury when you’re doing dynamic movements, like running, hiking, or HIIT workouts. They’re made from breathable material and gently compress the joints around your knee to keep them aligned while you move. One reviewer wrote, “These are now my favorite knee braces! Bar none!”