• We often don’t give acid the proper attention.
  • Frequent acidity and heartburn lead to serious health problems
  • Here’s a guideline for combating gastroesophageal reflux disease (GRED)

We are all aware of the discomforts related to acidity, indigestion, and heartburn. These digestive problems are a very common issue for everyone. But it is often not given due attention. One of the reasons could be its short spell; Hence, we opt for a temporary solution like pop pills, fruit salt, and digestive syrup to relieve pain and irritation. According to nutritionist Rupali Datta, “Acid and heartburn, if left untreated, can cause serious health problems.” And such severity is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GRED). For the uninitiated, frequent episodes of heartburn lead to GRED, where the bile, or stomach acid, irritates our esophagus by flowing back into the esophagus – a tube that connects our mouth and stomach.

Hence, it is always advisable to take care of our health and diet in order to overcome these irritations. “A healthy lifestyle is a must to stay healthy Digestive System Health. Some cases are eating the right kind of food at the right time, eating small portions often, sitting straight while eating, properly chewing your food, and more, ”explained Rupali Datta.

In addition to these healthy lifestyle patterns, a new study developed some basic guidelines that can help reduce symptoms of heartburnespecially in women. This research on diet, lifestyle and health of women found 5 factors that can have a significant impact on gastroesophageal reflux. The results were published as a letter in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

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Common episodes of heartburn lead to GRED

The 5 factors that can help fight acid reflux are:

  • Stop smoking.
  • Limit coffee, tea, and sodas to 2 cups a day.
  • Maintain a prudent diet. For the uninitiated, it is a nutritional regimen dominated by fruits, vegetables, legumes, low-fat milk, and others. It also restricts the consumption of red meat, processed foods, caloric foods, eggs, etc.

In addition to these dietary changes, the researchers also recommend:

  • Maintain a normal weight.
  • Moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day.

For the study, the researchers interviewed almost 43,000 women between the ages of 42 and 62 from 2005 to 2017. Participants were asked to follow the guidelines. The survey also included various questions about GRED or heartburn symptoms. It found that the women who strictly followed the guidelines had a lower risk of the symptoms.

“This study provides evidence that common and debilitating gastrointestinal symptoms can, in many cases, be well controlled by diet and lifestyle changes alone,” said Andrew T. Chan, MD, MPH, lead author of the study.

In addition to these factors, Rupali Datta shared 5 Simple Food Tips and Home Remedies to Combat Acidity and Indigestion. Let’s take a look at:

1. Ajwain water:

Soak a teaspoon Ajwain Drink in a glass of water overnight and drink the next morning.

2. Sauna tea:

You can add a few either sauna with your regular cup of tea or drink it like ajwain water to promote better digestion.

3. Cold milk:

milk When it’s cold or room temperature, it often helps to relieve the acidity with immediate effect.

4. Yogurt:

yogurt is a natural probiotic and promotes a healthy intestine. Hence, you can add it to your diet to reduce your risk of indigestion.

5. Honey water:

Several researchers have found that ingesting a teaspoon honey Using lukewarm water can help combat acidity.


(Note: These expert tips are not part of the study.)