Shingai Rukwata Ndoro, a COVID-19 survivor, said herbs like Zumbani / Umsuzwane / Lippia Javanica What many Zimbabweans have used as a cure for COVID-19 is not working. Zumbani and other traditional herbs recently became popular as some said it can treat coronavirus. Below is Shingai’s statement.

Today is my sixth day at home, recovering very well after being released from the hospital after staring death in the eye and escaping it.

I survived Covid-19 and here is my awareness story.

On the night of December 22, 2020, I had a fever and a sore throat.

The next day in the morning I had a test for Covid-19 and it was confirmed that I was positive.

Since I had mild symptoms that consisted of a light cough, the doctor I consulted prescribed the necessary medication, but this doctor did not tell me a simple message: “If this cough lasts more than four days, please see a doctor. “(I contacted him later about it and he was very contrite about what he didn’t do.)

The lack of that information or advice for me should almost be fatal to me.

I’ve made a lot of home remedies like steaming, zumbani, garlic, etc. to heal. I can tell you these things don’t work. However, they are not harmful, but they will give you a false sense of security if your situation worsens quickly.

I had a cough and headache for 11 days until a friend came to visit me and I isolated myself. He asked me to buy a pulse oximeter and it was found that my oxygen saturation was insufficient. Panic!

I was cared for by another private doctor at home and then given an oxygen concentrator at home for two days (December 30-31) with no significant change. He made the careful decision that I should be hospitalized. The following day on New Year’s Day, I was hospitalized in a private facility in Harare. I was taken to the high addiction department first and then to the intensive care unit when the situation worsened.

I received life-sustaining treatment for the most severe stage of this disease and treated in its worst form: Covid-19 pneumonia, while I had an underlying disease as a type 2 diabetic. You can imagine the double problem. My lungs were the worst now! My oxygen saturation did not improve.

With all of this, you as a patient are alone in the medical team. No visitors allowed.

I fought the disease for a total of 32 days and was hospitalized for 22 days.

Although I have lost 50 pounds since then that some of you who know me physically may not be able to spot me easily, my life was not lost. It was too close to death!

I can’t thank my friend, the private doctor, and the medical team enough. It was very difficult for me, but I’m thrilled to be alive.

To all of my family members, relatives and friends, your messages to me in the hospital gave hope, courage and strength to live and fight the disease.

The will to live or the positive urge to stay alive is a miracle! I survived the worst of Covid-19 !!!